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Falling Trees Take Aim at Cars

Falling Trees Take Aim at Cars

POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 8:32am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 4:46pm

They stand tall, providing shade and scenery on our streets, but trees can be qualified with a popular saying: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Trees have the potential to wreak havoc on cars, and sometimes, the only consolation is an exciting video to capture the misfortune. Each tumbling timber serves as a reminder to keep our vehicles insured at all times. Without proper insurance, you could find yourself paying out of pocket or taking out an online loan to pay for the damages. Indulge in the misfortune of others and check out these ill-placed cars feeling mother nature's wrath. TIMBER!

By the look of this fall, it seems like the pick-up truck had some sort of magnet drawing the lumber directly on top of it. The camera girl gives her Mom because she "flipped out", but what reaction does she expect when a giant tree crushes her vehicle? You can blame some accidents on bad luck, but parking your car next to the tree you're cutting down? That's your own fault. And yes, ya'll did end up on YouTube.

Oh the things we do for fun. If you weren't patient enough to see the payoff, watch again. This dramatic clip has built-up Scorsese-film tension. Is the car a target, or a nearby bystander? When is this tree going to fall? Who buys a baby blue hatchback? The conclusion is less Scorsese and more Michael Bay. The tree flattens the helpless vehicle with a booming blow, and these campers celebrate their achievement. Whatever happened to bird watching?

This video resembles the previous clip until the reaction, which looks more like a facepalm than a high-five. The footage is a little grainy, but it appears that these aspiring lumberjacks tried to uproot a tree by tying a rope to the top of it. To their credit, the truck was able to uproot the tree, but it gave its life in the process. Fortunately, the driver and everyone around seems to be physically OK, but their pride may be badly bruised.

Pardon the grainy footage, but the reaction is priceless. Here's a guy who knows when to appreciate a lighthearted moment. As the branches of this tall tree come crashing down on a compact red vehicle, the owner can't contain his laughter, shouting "That's my car!" Perhaps he has a golden insurance policy or wanted a new car already, but most people would have been a little more concerned with hundreds of pounds of lumber crashing into their vehicle.

For every misfortune, there's a stroke of luck. As this falling tree gains momentum toward a snowy road, a silver sedan narrowly avoids disaster, emerging from the branches just as the tree is about to hit the ground. It looks like something out of an action movie. This driver may not want to make a habit out of accelerating into dangerous circumstances, but this time, at least, it paid off.

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