Help for the Sandwich Generation

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 8:57am

It’s a difficult situation, being a member of the “sandwich generation“. You have children, school-age, or young adult, who still need your attention. While you’re preparing for your own retirement, you’re aging parents require more and more of your time and attention. Senior care Phoenix, and around the country, has truly become a family dilemma, and family caregivers are feeling the impact of this task.

Since 1994, the percentage of people who are taking care of their elderly parents has nearly tripled, and as the baby-boomer generation hurls headlong into retirement age, and the cost of assisted living continues to climb, that percentage will only grow larger. Most individuals in their golden years prefer to live independently, or with some help from family members who honor their wishes. If mom and dad are reasonably healthy and require just a bit of assistance, it may be a doable situation.

But, as our parents age, many of them will need additional assistance. Vision problems can lead to restrictions on their driving abilities. Orthopedic issues, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and brittle bones can limit mobility, leaving housekeeping tasks undone. These impairments may not require full time nursing care, however, some additional senior care in Phoenix professional help could make a difference in the quality of your life, as well as that of your parent.

Like many children of aging parents, you took on the care of your mom or dad without hesitation. Honoring their desire to remain independent and living in the family home, or a retirement condo was done without a second thought. Caring for your parents has never been a burden in your mind, but you sure would welcome a break from time to time, so that you can devote some attention to your children, your spouse, or even yourself.

Hiring an additional caregiver is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself that break, and offer your parents a chance to strike up a new friendship. The professional caregiver is experienced in dealing with physical and emotional needs of the elderly. He or she can, typically, perform basic care-giving tasks which benefit both of you. Suddenly, your time with your parents isn’t spent “doing”, but rather, in enjoyable conversation for both. Now you can have real quality time together.

When you engage the services of a home healthcare provider, whether your parents are in their own home, or you all live under the same roof, you’ll find it easy to relax a bit, knowing that your loved one is in capable and professional hands. Once you begin to address your own needs, you’ll become less stressed, better rested and able to tackle whatever comes your way, enjoying life as a member of the sandwich generation.  

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