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Making Your App Stand Out in the App Store

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 6:01pm

If you are an iPhone app developer, you will certainly want your app to stand out among the others. You may have tried several ways to get your app noticed, but not any of them seemed to work. Below you will find a few effective tactics that have been used by numerous successful iPhone app developers

• Pre-launch the app to create a buzz and obtain a higher ranking

Without a pre-launch, people will not know anything about your app. Thus, it is important that you execute a pre-launch to drive interest. Create an account with numerous existing social media platforms and start to introduce your original app. Additionally, you can email thousands of people by using tools such as Launch Effect, Kickoff Labs and LaunchRock. These marketing tools work in such a way that they will alert your contacts when you launch your iPhone app.

• Launch a contest to entice people to subscribe to the pre-launch or download the iPhone app
This is a great way to attract people’s attention. If you cannot afford to give out a prize, you can look for a prize sponsor as an alternative. You should include the contest procedure on your website or utilize a rewards program tool, such as PunchTab to keep track of all the contestants.

• Obtain publicity to give your app visibility and reliability
As the iPhone app developer, you need to convince people that your iPhone app is reliable. It should gain adequate visibility as well, and the only way to do this is to contact niche blogs and publications about featuring the app and explain what makes your app different to others.

• Design a conspicuous icon and app to get noticed
Ensure that the design is eye-catching and that it stands out from other apps that are in the same niche as yours. If you are unable to design a unique icon on your own, you can always hire a graphic designer to help you. An eye-catching, practical and exclusive icon will attract more people that can download your app.

• Get featured on the Apple website

Every iPhone app developer should make his or her app bug-free and reachable. Most iPhone apps that are featured by Apple have managed to amplify their downloads. You should keep the size down to anything between 15MB and 20MB, as everything larger might discourage people to download it.

• Obtain 5-star reviews from family, friends and acquaintances

Get your family, friends and acquaintances to review the iPhone app and award it a 5-star ranking – if they like it.

• Launch the app on weekends, preferably on Sunday
This may seem insignificant but an iPhone app developer should consider picking a launch date that falls on a Sunday. A survey conducted by Mobilewalla stated that 42% of iPhone apps that made it to the top of the list were all launched on a Sunday.

• Introduce a free version of your app to let people test it

You should create a free version with limited capabilities and offer a paid upgrade within your app. The free version allows people to test your app and when they find out how practical and useful your app is, they will often buy the full version.

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