Practical Fashion in The ICU


POSTED: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 11:43am

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Set up your hospital in Dickies scrubs. They have a sense of fashion and look great. If you aim to keep that edge of fashion even as part of a medical staff, they allow a personal sense of style.

Dickies Protection

These scrubs provide protection from harmful pathogens and others while working. In a health facility, you probably already know its possible to catch viruses or germs anytime. This is due to the nature of your surroundings since some patients carry certain contagious diseases. You can avoid infectious microbes with special scrubs.

You can get Dickies scrubs pants, jackets, lab coats, and tops. Aside from the vitamins and mineral supplements you may take if you are health-conscious, wearing protective scrubs is one of the best ways to protect yourself from viruses. This is the reason scrub makers have created uniforms that will not only provide cover and comfort but also safety in the workplace. They have now come up with innovative scrubs which can provide a certain level of protection to all dedicated medical workers.


Scrubs of various styles, designs, colors, and sizes allow employees to comply with uniform specifications that are usually mandated in a healthcare facility. As a part of following standards, you may be asked to wear specific uniform sets.

If you work in a pediatric department, you might want to adhere to a youthful mood. As you know, children are greatly affected by their surroundings. They can appreciate your work better if you choose brightly-colored sets such as uniforms with cartoon, fish, and flower prints. These are common and nice designs that sick children respond to with a nurturing nurse.

When choosing scrubs, you will need to blend in with your environment. A proper dress code usually requires that you become aware of your surroundings as a form of respect and adaptation. The right scrubs based on your department and work type will be greatly appreciated not only by your colleagues but by your patients, as well.

There are also uniforms for emergency room staffs. Although you are going to meet a lot of sick people in an emergency situation, it does not mean that you have to wear something black, but the fish and cartoon designs may not be appropriate either. Relatives or loved ones will not appreciate seeing you in those bright colors and designs. A better choice is to wear dark tops and plain-colored pants. These designs indicate respect and demonstrate what proper scrub code is all about.  

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