The Future of Coupons is in Your Phone

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 11:25am

"Couponing" is one of the latest trends in smart shopping. Unfortunately, one of the most difficult aspects of clipping coupons is keeping yourself organized enough to get the most use out of them. Whether you are constantly forgetting your discount offers at home, or if you feel like you're always holding up the line as you search for the right clippings, you could probably benefit from a new system. The good news is that with the growing popularity of smart phone programs like SnipSnap and the ValPak mobile app, you'll be able to access and use your coupons no matter where you go - and stay organized doing it. Here's a look at four great couponing apps that all savvy consumers should check out.

SnipSnap - Every "Forgetful Fred" or "Forgetful Freida"s best friend, this application will ensure that no coupon is ever left behind at home again. SnipSnap encourages customers to "snip" out the coupons that they are most interested in redeeming, and then "snap" a picture of it from their smart phone. The application will then scan all of the coupon's information and transform it into a digital discount. In addition to allowing you to redeem your coupons from your phone, the app will also send you expiration date notifications and in-store reminders.

Fast Mall - What's the best way to navigate a particular mall, and where are all of the best deals located? When you make use of the Fast Mall application, there is no more need to consult the mall directory and actually visit each store to find out where the sales and discounts are. Upon accessing the app, users can select the mall where they're shopping (from thousands of shopping centers in 31 different countries). Once the mall has been chosen, a user can shake their phone in order to find directions to the nearest restroom, and they can also get reminders about where they parked, receive directions to the stores they want to visit, and even receive a deal report that outlines any mall sales or clearance items. 

ValPak Mobile App - You know that big blue envelope that arrives at your house from time to time, filled with great deals from local merchants? Well, now you don't have to wait for it to come to you. The ValPak mobile app enables shoppers to locate the best deals right from their phones, and redeem them immediately. QR codes allow coupons to be scanned directly from a shopper's smart phone, so there's no more need to waste paper on printing. Plus, you can spread the love by sharing the best coupons and deals on your social networking sites, through text, or through e-mail. You can even make your purchase(s) directly from the app.

Dealnews - Consumers can access more than 100 deals a day from over 2000 online merchants, right from their smartphones with Dealnews. The handy application scours the web for the greatest deals on clothing, electronics, travel expenses, local discounts, and more. Users can even set up custom alerts so that when that special item you've been saving up for reaches its all-time lowest price, you won't have to worry about missing out on the opportunity to nab it.

Check out these couponing apps today and start saving immediately!

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