Top Tips for Keeping Romance Alive

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 1:26pm

When you’ve been with the same person for a long time, you have to make an effort to keep your romance alive! Don’t bore her with the same old routine day in and day out. Surprise her with flowers just because, or book a vacation to a romantic location. Regardless of the specifics of the gesture you make, she’ll certainly appreciate it and feel loved if you put in the effort.

Romantic Getaway

Everyone has commitments and sometimes life gets away from us.This doesn’t have to mean that your relationship comes last. Spend a night or two away from your daily stressors to reconnect with your lover. If you have children, see if you can find a grandparent to stay home with them while you spend some time alone. There’s no need to jam pack your schedule with sightseeing. Instead, focus on doing things that allow you to reconnect, such as a long walk or dinner at a quiet restaurant.
Maybe you have a special anniversary coming up. That is a great opportunity to get away and renew your vows. You could also update your rings as part of the ceremony. Tungsten wedding bands can signify an everlasting love as the metal they are made of is undeniably strong.

The Small Things

Keeping your romance alive doesn’t have to mean huge gestures all of the time. Stopping for flowers on your way home from work or preparing her a gourmet meal can go a long way. Hold the door open for her, pick her dry cleaning up, book a massage for her or order her favorite dessert when you’re out to dinner. These are just a few small ways you can show your love and affection.

Show Affection

When you first started dating, you probably couldn’t wait to kiss, hug and hold hands with your significant other. Now the best you can hope for is a peck on the cheek when you arrive home. Make the move to shower her with more love by surprising her with a passionate kiss or grabbing her hand as you walk together. Be affectionate and the favor will likely be returned.

Improve Communication

This doesn’t mean long and boring talks over the status of your relationship. That isn’t likely to spark any romantic feelings. Instead, take the time to really listen to your significant other. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re feeling a certain way. Talking openly will improve your relationship overall and help reignite things between the two of you.
Plan a special night with romantic music and a delicious candlelight dinner. Your romance will certainly thrive and she’ll remember that to you, she is the most special girl in the entire world.


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