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POSTED: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 10:23am

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 1:59pm

Everyone who aspires to start their own business, whether it is in the initial planning stages or has already opened its doors for the first time, looks for inspiration outside of their own business ideas. No matter what sort of business you're planning on opening, Bob Parsons can be that inspiration for you.

Parsons is not your typical big business owner. His family was not privileged, and he grew up understanding the meaning of hard work. He put his whole self into any effort he made, from earning multiple honors during his military service, to graduating magna cum laude, to being a self taught software programmer learning his craft in the 1970s, even to selling his first business - a privately held 1,000-person company - for $64 million in 1994. Bob went on to found Go Daddy, stepping down as CEO in 2011. As far as a role model for an entrepreneur, you would be hard-pressed to find a better one than Bob Parsons.

Even at the point where no one can dispute the fact that he's been successful, the point at which he’s in the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans, he remains humble and maintained his sense of humor. Bob Parsons regularly writes (and speaks) about how to succeed in business, leadership, and life in general.

In his video blog, "Top 10 Traps Entrepreneurs Fall Into And How To Avoid Them" the number four trap is, not advertising.

Advertising and marketing is an important part to establishing and growing a business. Parsons’ main suggestions on advertising are to find what works for your business. Work into it slow, measure everything you are doing, and if something you try doesn't work, stop it immediately. Parsons states that advertising should work "right out of the gate" and if it doesn't, it should be stopped and something else should be tried. He states that this is the only way your business can find something new and unique that works for you and doesn't imitate your competitors.

In an interview about how to make a small business succeed, in reference to advertising, Bob Parsons says internet advertisements are a sound way to go. He also states that you should know if an internet ad is working within a day or two. If one ad doesn't work, then it should be pulled and a new ad should be tried. With a lot of testing and a little creativity, any business can find the right ad to attract new customers, without spending massive amounts of money on ads that don't work.

Go Daddy's first real advertising success, was not the Super Bowl ads that everyone is familiar with, but ads that were on the internet. Without those ads, Go Daddy would have never reached the point where you saw the big Super Bowl commercial ads they became famous for. It's not necessary for a small business to think too big, in terms of itself or of the advertisement it is using to try and grow. If your business is not big enough to think about a Super Bowl ad, there are plenty of other advertising avenues that can bring in business for you.

In the same video blog, Parsons lists the number ten trap is “having a shoddy internet presence.”

The very minimum requirements for not having a shoddy internet presences are: a domain name that mirrors or compliments your business name, an email using that domain name, and a website that showcases your products and services so that customers can contact you. He also states that a business's web strategy has to be near the top of the priority list for a business to succeed.

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