Ways to Ease Stress

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 12:07pm

We live in a constantly changing and rapidly maturing world from a technological point of view, and we search for ways to cope with it the only way we know how. Most of us seek instant gratification by engaging in behaviors that mask reality. Eventually, it catches up to us, and our bodies reap the consequences.

Stress reduction, at its core, is physical. It is the reallocation of productive energy toward things that make your life easier. Terms such as ‘acceptance,’ ‘meditation,’ and ‘channeling’ are often associated with stress reduction. If they work for you, it’s because you want them to.

Here are some ways that you can reduce the amount of stress in your life on a daily basis.

Physical exertion releases endorphins, or mood enhancing chemicals, in the brain. The endorphin rush often associated with heightened levels of exertion can become so addicting that the body will begin to show signs of distress at extended periods of inactivity.

As you continue to work out, your body continues to pay off your efforts with chemical balances that keep physical stress in check for up to eight hours after a workout. Further to that, regular exercise produces a natural monoamine oxidase inhibitor, which aids in stress reduction, depression and lethargy.

Drink Water
Most people note a change in mood within just forty-five minutes of rehydrating themselves. This is because dehydration puts so much stress on the body that it’s almost impossible to function without feeling irritable, lethargic and fatigued. 64oz of water per day (eight 8oz glasses consumed approximately two hours apart) will keep you hydrated. In your first week, you’re liable to lose anywhere between six and eight pounds.

Listen to Music
Many people listen to their favorite music when they’re stressed. It is an emotional outlet for a physical response. Studies have shown that music has a remarkable impact on the brain. If the energy of the music is aligned with your own, your brain hones in on the music and dismisses a conscious sub-layer of reality in favor of impromptu meditation, allowing the chemicals in your brain to readjust in preparation for the next stimulus.

Most of us experience a slightly altered perception of reality when we don’t get enough sleep the night before. This is because the brain isn’t awake enough to function properly, leading to mood swings, irritability and fragmented shallow thinking. If you feel as though you need a nap, take one. A twenty-minute nap can give your brain the boost it needs to manage your mood better.

Hypnosis Downloads
Hypnosis downloads have shown enormous potential in terms of stress reduction. Hypnosis therapy focuses the brain, leaving the subconscious vulnerable and open to suggestion. Hypnosis therapy has been effective in lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension, chronic pain management, cancer, and smoking cessation. Hypnosis downloads can be played any time, day or night, as long as you have enough time to reach the appropriate levels of hypnosis with no distractions.


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