What Qualities Make a Great Espresso Machine

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 3:47pm

With a myriad of home and professional espresso machines out there, it is hard to make a decision quickly or easily on which ones are the best. Searching for the best espresso machines can be confusing with the wide variety out there. Here are five of the most important traits you should look for when shopping for your perfect machine.

1. Good workmanship
You don’t want it to break right after taking it out of the box. Good craftsmanship can give you an espresso machine that will last years, making it a proper investment for your kitchen or break room. Whether you plan on using it regularly or only on special occasions the sturdiness of the equipment can make or break you.

2. Easy to clean
Coffee grounds are messy, steam can leave mineral deposits depending on your water quality and sometimes you put too much liquid in, causing spills. It happens to everyone, but an easy to clean surface and removable spill trays make it less painful to clean up when things go wrong. Some machines use disposable coffee inserts that are prepackaged and completely no-mess. You push in the capsules, and toss them out when you are done making the amount of time cleaning up next to nothing.

3. Variable settings
Different coffee types require different temperatures and heating settings. Being able to change them to get the flavor you want makes a huge difference between sludge or the nectar of the gods. The best espresso machines allow adjustments to temperature, strength, cup size, and steam pressure, allowing you to perfectly tailor your drink to your taste.

4. Multipurpose
A dedicated espresso machine can be more specialized, allowing you more degrees of flavor and types of coffee, but not everyone wants just espresso all the time. Having attachments, and a variety of uses for your machine allows you to get different types of coffee all from one device saving you money as well as countertop space.

5. Grinders
Some espresso makers come with a built in grinder, allowing you to have fresh ground coffee instead of prepackaged or pre-ground. This also allows you to keep your beans fresh making your coffee taste less bitter. The ability to use pre ground as well as whole beans is an added bonus and allow you to purchase from a store and order that special blend you like without it being a huge hassle. If prepackaged is more your style, you have the convenience of less mess and more variety in the types of coffee you would have available at any given time since you can keep a variety of cups or capsules al in one place and being sealed keeps them fresher longer.

All in all the best espresso machines comes down to preferences. You want one that will fit your situation perfectly, allowing you to get the best coffee you can get without breaking the bank, or giving you bad tasting drinks. Variable settings and the ability to use the espresso machine to make a variety of drinks adds to the value, as well as easy to clean surfaces and attachments to make it more of an enjoyment instead of a chore. 

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