You're in Charge of the Trade: Now What?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 6:04pm

If you want to make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd, the first thing you should do is to create a comprehensive marketing plan. As you may already know, the key to successful trade exhibiting is marketing. However, this generic term defines an inexact science for someone who’s in charge of running a trade show booth for the first time. In this case, marketing should relate to developing a plan, opting for a particular pop up display, finding the best ways to boost booth traffic, and turning your trade show booth into an efficient promotional tool. To help you with these aspects, the following paragraphs reveal the best tips for organizing your trade show booth. 

  • Create a Plan: Developing a strategic exhibit promotional plan represents a critical starting point. To get the best out of attending a particular trade show event, you should use your trade show booth to introduce new products and services, increase brand awareness, and find new collaborators and clients.  

  • Choose an Appropriate Pop Up Display: Although choosing a specific option from the wide variety of pop up displays available today relates to the aforementioned point, you should treat this aspect separately if you want to get the best alternative for your trade show booth. Pop up displays come in a variety of models, such as classic, 3D, HD, one-fabric, premium, economy, mural-panel, portable and quick pop choices. Additionally, you can get any of these options in different sizes, price points and quality alternatives. For the best results, you should complement the chosen display with a banner stand, custom modular display, outdoor display, table top display, back wall display or other trade show accessories.

  • Boost Traffic: Before approaching the convention center, about 70 percent of trade show attendees create lists of the booths they intend to visit. Evidently, you have to find a way to convince these people to put you on their list. To do this, you can use direct mail to let your collaborators and customers know that you’ll be present at a particular trade show event. Make sure that you send three or four emails at regular intervals, starting one month before the show. It’s also important to create emails that give potential visitors a reason to visit you. For instance, providing details about new applications, technologies, products or services your company plans to launch will stir up everyone’s interest and curiosity, and increase your booth traffic.  

  • Promote Your Company: You can promote the company you’re working for not only by using specific marketing strategies, but also by making your trade show booth a welcoming space. A great idea is to opt for large graphics, have a strong key message, and allow your visitors to use their senses as much as possible to enjoy unique experiences.

Another thing you can do to organize and run a successful trade show booth is to approach the Public Relations department. By simply asking the employees working in this department to help you select the right pop up display for your booth, collaborate with publications that plan special trade show editions, and place staff members at the booth to welcome media and customers, you can turn a trade show event into a resounding success for your company.

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