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Closed Captioning

For closed captioning concerns regarding KETK NBC 56, KETK 56.2 (affiliate of EstrellaTV), please contact our captioning hotline:

Phone: 903-581-5656 (ext. 238)
Fax: 903-561-1648

We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours or 1 business day

Written closed captioning complaints should be directed to the following:

Yolanda Clater
Program Director
4300 Richmond Road
Tyler, TX 75703
Phone: 903-581-5656 (ext. 238)
Fax: 903-561-1648
Toll Free: 1-800-594-5385

We apologize for any inconvenience. EstrellaTV has filed with the FCC for a Closed Captioning Waiver, therefore Closed Captioning is not available on KETK 56.2.

Before sending a formal written complaint, we recommend you first contact our captioning hotline. We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for a formal complaint. In any event, we will respond to your complaint within 30 days.