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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 5:58pm

J.J. Abrams has 'more questions than answers' on 'Star Wars'

J.J. Abrams has 'more questions than answers' on 'Star Wars'
Movie Minute
Monday, March 25, 2013 - 3:25pm

Much like Luke Skywalker, director J.J. Abrams doesn't have much of a targeting computer when it comes to the Death Star-sized questions surrounding "Star Wars Episode VII."

"I don't know because we're just getting started," Abrams told Empire Magazine when asked about how he will take on the much anticipated sequel. "There are infinitely more questions than answers right now."

But for Abrams, "Star Wars" isn't the only beloved space saga that currently resides in his galaxy. With "Star Trek Into Darkness" rapidly approaching, Abrams has his full attention on The Federation rather than the Evil Empire, which is one of the major reasons that he passed on "Episode VII" originally.

"My knee-jerk reaction [to directing 'Episode VII'] was that I'm in the middle of working on the 'Star Trek' movie and I can't even consider it," Abrams told Empire. "But then time went by and I got further along working on the movie and getting to a place where I had done most of the heavy lifting."

He also goes on to say that after talking to Kathleen Kennedy (the producer of the upcoming "Star Wars" film and the new head of Lucasfilm) and Steven Spielberg that he became very "engaged" in the idea.

"I will say that Steven [Spielberg] was very encouraging of 'Star Wars,'" the filmmaker said. "It's funny, because I talked to him about it and it turned out he knew all about what was going on."

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