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Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 6:43pm

East Texas Live

APEX Theatre 20 presents 'Nevermore'

 APEX Theatre 20 opens its 2014 season with an original play.

How to prevent tax identity theft

Bob and Jen chat with Mechele Mills, President/CEO at Better Business Bureau Serving Central East Texas. For more information click here.

Guinness World Record attempt for Most number of people Tinikling

Team Ross, the non-profit charity organization that set a Guinness World Record for the most number of people making spring rolls, wants to set another record.

ETL: E.T.S.O. and the Five Browns

Five famous siblings with five grand pianos will join Richard Lee and the East Texas Symphony Orchestra on stage for a unique concert experience. Mr. Lee chats with Bob and Jen about the concert.

ETL: Literacy awareness month 2014

Nancy Crawford and Kristen Seeber, stop by KETK for a chat about the Literacy Council of Tyler. For more information about the organization click here.  

ETL: Earth From Space at Discovery Science Place

Smithsonian Curator Andrew K. Johnston stops by KETK for a chat with Bob and Jenn. Johnston's exhibit, Earth From Space, is currently at Discovery Science Place in Tyler.

ETL: It's time for a 'Fresh Start'

Are you looking for a Fresh Start?  Dr. Todd M. Hall says sometimes to start new you have to loose everything you have. 

ETL: How to get involved with PATH

Greg Grubb, the Executive Director of PATH chats with Bob and Jen. For more information click here.

ETL: Tips on preventing the Flu

Doctor Ketan Patel with Pulmonary Specialist of Tyler chats with Bob and Jen about the Flu outbreak and the Flu vaccine. For more information click here.

The secrets to enlightened eating

You can learn the secrets to eating in harmony with nature and other tips to a healthful lifestyle on January 18th in Tyler.

ETL: The making of "Tomato Republic"

"Tomato Republic looks at the 2013 Mayoral race in Jacksonville. The film follows the three candidates in the race.  Jen and Rachel chat with Whitney Graham and Jenna Jackson, two producers of the project.

ETL: Meet Milan from Homeward Bound

Bob and Jen chat with Pam Hicks with Homeward Bound. Milan is a one year old mixed breed. For more information about this pooch click here.

ETL: Exercise is Medicine

Bob and Jen chat with Jeramie Hinojosa, director of the ETMC Olympic Center. For more information click here.      

COPD, spots on the lungs, Pulmonary Specialists tell you what to do

Pulmonary Specialist of Tyler stopped by our livingroom to tell us about COPD and what to do when a doctor tells you they have found spots on your lungs.

Author of 'The Dead Peasants File' tells us about his newly published novel

A new Christian Fiction novel will be hitting the shelves and it's written by East Texas' own Craig Harris.