Constable's first interview after indictment

POSTED: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 6:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 10:03am

It’s been a long ordeal for Precinct 3 Constable Dustin Rust. A grand jury handed down indictments for two felonies and one misdemeanor. He says the real motivation…politics and payback.

And that all of that will come out eventually.

One of the felonies centers around misuse of county property, in this case, county vehicles and gasoline used by his deputies for off duty security work. So, were the cars used?

DR - “Yes they were, it’s common practice, in fact there’s an Attorney General’s opinion on it. It was researched before it was ever done. You can go to any security job that any of these officers are working, and you’ll see police cars out there.”

RG - “Where does this trail lead in terms of the politics?”

DR - “There are several people behind it. You’ve done several interviews to figure it out. And it’s funny to me to sit and listen to them blatantly lie about minor things that don’t even matter. If they’re going to lie about that stuff, what else are they hiding. I know, that’s why I’m in this position. I’m talking about members of the Commissioners Court and the District Attorney’s office. Look at the history of the District Attorney’s office lately. They’re not exactly very prestigious right now. This is a lot more than just me and vehicles. I’m not going to stop. They can continue to offer me deals, and I’m sure more deals will come along. I didn’t do anything, Roger. I didn’t do anything.”

RG – “Just to clarify…they’ve offered you deals.”

DR - “Oh, sure they have. Matt Bingham himself has offered me deals. I’ve no desire to take a deal. I didn’t do anything.”

RG - “Can you explain what he offered.”

DR - “For me to resign. That they would make everything go away if I would resign.”

RG - “Similar to what happened in Whitehouse.”

DR - “I didn’t do anything I won’t step down. It’s my job as an elected official to stand up for the citizens of Smith County. If they can do this to somebody with a badge and a gun, imagine what they do do, or can do to an average citizen. It’s appalling.”

Rust turned himself in this afternoon, and bonded out of jail.

Bond was set at $22,500.

We contacted Special Prosecutor Lance Larison for a comment, knowing he would be limited in what he could say. We have been told he went to Judge Jack Skeen and got a gag order on all participants in this case.

He then emailed KETK back saying, “My understanding is that I’m under a gag order from the court.”

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Dustin. Where did you live when you ran for constable 4 years ago? You and your wife owned a home on Spring Street in Tyler yet you claimed that you and your wife lived with your father in the Woods subdivison. Why? Was it because Spring St is in Pct 1 and your father lives in Pct 3? Does anyone believe a couple would live with his parents when he owns a home?

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