East Texans fight to stop TransCanada Pipeline

POSTED: Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 4:24pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 18, 2010 - 5:40am

Hank Gilbert talks with East Texans on Saturday

WINNSBORO - Many East Texans are concerned about the TransCanada Pipeline project.  Today, Hank Gilbert, a lifelong rancher and Democratic candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner spoke to some concerned East Texans in Winnsboro.

The proposed TransCanada Pipeline is being planned to run from Canada to Houston.  The point of the pipeline would be to bring oil from Canadian tar sands to refineries on the gulf coast.

The problem is - the proposed pipeline will run straight through land owned by East Texans whether they like it or not, because of imminent domain.

Many East Texans don't want the pipeline because of the risks involved to the environment and their land.

Today's meeting was held in Winnsboro at a place called "Fairchild Farms" - property in danger of the pipeline coming through.  Mr. Gilbert said there are several things that communities can do to slow down or perhaps stop the pipeline process.

"There are luckily some statutes and some provisions in state law where we can do some things, and maybe change the course of this thing.  Or slow it down, or stop it all together," Gilbert said.

Tonight at 10, we'll hear more from some of those that attended today's meeting and more about the advice Gilbert gave on how to fight the pipeline.

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One may try to ignore Hank Gilbert's past IRS problems and the associated theft charge, but I can't. I no more believe in Gilbert's involvement with these pipeline screwballs than I believe in any desperate politician's passion to find votes anywhere they can get them.

This is another stab by Gov Perry to get more contributions to his campaign fund. He doesn't give a hoot about the land owners in Texas. My question is how does this benefit the people of Texas. Answer: it doesn't it only benefits the big oil companies and Rick Perry.

This is the norm for Gov Perry. He doesn't care one bit about our property rights as long as it gets him more contributions to his war chest. I would be interested to know how this pipeline will help the people of Texas. It won't, it only helps the big oil companies.

I don't want my home to become another cancer alley!

I'm glad Hank Gilbert has stepped-up to the plate on this one! My wife and I are voting for him tomorrow and we're republicans! We cannot afford to have this pipeline come through East Texas carrying dangerous chemicals and stuff across our land.

This pipeline is just as absurd as the Trans Texas Corridor. We really appreciate Mr. Gilbert taking time to talk to us about the eminent domain implications for property owners aside from the environmental impact. What a leader! He's got our vote for sure!

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