Lindale invests in its economic future

POSTED: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 3:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 18, 2011 - 10:40am

When it comes to the economy, there hasn’t been much good news lately.

And small towns like Lindale are usually hardest hit when the national economy goes south. But instead of hunkering down to wait out the storm, Lindale is making a down payment on the future. Lindale is building an industrial park.

Lindale Mayor Jim Mallory and Economic Development Board Chairman Don Hines say this 120-acre tract just off Interstate 20 near the Target distribution Center will soon be buzzing with activity.

After the infrastructure is installed, the first tenant will occupy 40 acres of the site…a green power plant. Decker industries has signed a purchase option agreement for a biomass power generating facility that essentially runs on wood chips.

The city has a matching grant from the Commerce Department for $850,000 and the total cost will be $1.4-million. It’s perhaps symbolic that the week ground is broken on the industrial park, and all city offices are now housed in a new, modern City Hall, the old wood frame City Hall is being torn down.

It’s a sure sign of a town that has ripped off the rearview mirror and stepped on the gas.

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Clearly this is a pre-election coercive report to convince the viewer to not to see the elephant in the room. The Mayor likely initiated this report. Roger G. & Mallory are buds. Gray helped get him elected. The multi-million dollar temporary City Hall was a long term mistake. Also willing to bet the biomass plant never comes to Lindale. Mallory keeps spending taxpayers money while businesses all over Lindale are closing their doors at noticeable rates. (Not the case in S. Tyler or Bullard.

A biomass power plant? Really? SWEET!

But remember EiceBleu, your previous posts state your position against co2 and the global warming/climate change caused by the EPA's newest hazardous gas. How can you now be supportive of biomass energy? To be true to your "Chicken-Little" climate beliefs, shouldn't you go to Lindale and lay-down in front of a bulldozer or something?

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