Oil Palace gets another Health District notice

POSTED: Friday, June 4, 2010 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 7:45pm

TYLER --- A lawyer is now involved in a dispute between the Oil Palace and the Health District, after weeks of notices and the possibility the venue could be shut down.

Oil Palace owners say, if they want a legal fight, they'll give them one. It all started a couple of months ago when Glenn Beck came to town. Oil Palace owners say the water was mysteriously turned off. NETP Health District workers came by with an order to shut them down.

Once the water was turned back on, the owners decided to go on with the Beck appearance.

They also gated and locked the water valves knowing other events coming up included school graduations and an appearance by Sarah Palin later this month.

Attorney Jeff Baynham says they're still getting notices from the health distric saying they may be fined or shut down.

This after owners got independent contractors to come in and verify their water supply was safe.

"I'm not sure why the state has objections. With all of the engineering studies that have been done by professionals, and they say there are no problems; why they say they've got problems," Baynham.

Brenda Elrod from the NETP Health District is addressing rumors the issue is politically motivated.

"It has everything to do with an imminent health hazard. It's a situation where the water supply it had been compromised," Elrod.

She says they're waiting for owners at the Oil Palace to give them proof they've corrected the issue. Right now, all events at the Oil Palace are still scheduled as planned.

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It could be due to some Southern Baptist who doesn't like the idea of a woman or a Mormon coming to speak.

They should have know with all the republicans that have been there sewage would have been a problem since most are full of it. Have a nice day Neal!

No such thing as a coincidence. The timing and execution of the notice is highly suspect.
I would love to get some information on who initiated the attempts at closure.

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