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Tax form from 1913

POSTED: Friday, April 16, 2010 - 8:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 1:25am

TYLER - The 1040 tax form was created in 1913 to tax people who made three thousand dollars or more in a year's time.

Instructions for filing this form were only one page long.

Now the instructions for the 1040 form are just over one hundred pages long!

Plus there are nearly five hundred different kinds of tax forms offered by the I.R.S. today.

The number of pages isn't the only difference. The way people were taxed and the amount they were taxed is far different now.

"The highest tax bracket was six percent for someone who earned more than half a million dollars. Our lowest tax bracket right now is ten percent, and the highest is going to be thirty-eight percent," Maureen Parkhill says.

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There is a reason to worry about taxes, but all the whiners, crybabies and tea baggers have missed the point entirely. The reason to whine is because ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of our tax money goes to may medicare and social security. That's right, 100 %, a deplorable situation that has taken MANY YEARS to come about. We borrow everything else. I use a tax accountant and he proudly displays the number of tax books he had before and after the REAGAN tax simplification..the number more than doubled!

This article is right on. We tried doing our taxes one year by ourselves. Mistake. We finally went to an accountant.

The problem with taxes, besides Americans being taxed too much on their sweat and labor, the whole process is complicated. You can call an accountant, IRS agent, tax lawyer and each one will give you a different answer BECAUSE they don't understand it either.

We are almost at the point in this country where one-half of the people are paying the income taxes for the other half. This is unsustainable and causes more problems when those that pay taxes don't have adequate representation in Congress. The politicians know that a growing number of the voting public aren't paying any income taxes. Currently, 10% of the public pays almost 72% of all the income tax in this country! The Fair Tax is the solution. Go to to learn more.

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