Van Zandt County man arrested for homicide

Van Zandt County man arrested for homicide
Van Zandt County Jail

POSTED: Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 5:43pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 25, 2013 - 7:04pm

A Van Zandt man is now behind bars after murdering his wife and injuring her boyfriend.

On Sunday at 6 a.m., Van Zandt County Sheriff's Officers received a call from Larry Maples, 44, of Ben Wheeler, saying that he had shot his wife and her boyfriend.

Deputies arrived at the 2600 block of FM 16 a short time later and arrested Maples at the front door of his home without incident.

Investigators say that Maples had arrived in the early hours of the morning, parked his vehicle a short distance from the scene and walked to the home on foot. Maples after seeing his wife's car parked at the rear of the home, entered the house through an unlocked door.

Inside the home, Maples shot Moses Clemente, 47, of Canton, after an altercation. Maples then shot and killed his wife, Heather Maples, 34, of Ben Wheeler.

Clemente was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound. He is currently listed in critical condition and expected to fully recover.

Heather Maples was pronounced dead at the scene.

Van Zandt County Sheriff, Lindsey Ray, contacted the Texas Rangers, Van Zandt County Criminal District Attorney's Office, and the Smith County Sheriff's Office to help with the investigation and crime scene.

Warrants were issued to search the home and Larry Maples vehicle.

Another warrant was issued to search his home in Ben Wheeler.

Maples was taken to Van Zandt County Jail.

Bail has not yet been set.

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If you don't know the entire story and if you can't offer prayer or say anything nice to the family of the woman shot, than don't say anything at all! I can tell you that she was a wonderful mom, daughter, sister, niece, etc. So many people judge when they don't know! Remember, he/she who is without sin, let them cast the first stone. I'm sure there are many who have skeletons in their closets.

I grew up with larry and am very shocked and saddened by this. Very sad for both families.

You're right it is very sad for all the families involved.

It's called moving on. They weren't together. This is a mother of 4, a daughter, sister, mother, niece and friend. Have some compassion and COMMON SENSE and keep you idiotic remarks to yourself. RIP Heather, you will be greatly missed.

It is called moving on! RIP beautiful Heather!

In France this would be dealt with as a "Crime of Passion". I have sympathy for a man whose wife is sleeping with other men. Most people would have done the same as this man. I probably would have done it too. Unfortunately, "we" will pay the board and lodge for many years to come for this person. Put him on probation.

Now we all know there are two STUPID men in the crowd! As I wrote below to ol' chuck, rat, what this man did is called MURDER, STUPID! What is wrong with walking away, seeking a divorce, and getting on with life? Instead of doing the rational thing, this dimwit took a gun and MURDERED his wife...crime of passion, my foot...this man had the option of walking away...hope you enjoy being this guy's cell-mate someday...not long before you exercise your gun rights, rat?

Call me stupid, but I didn't think wives were allowed to have boyfriends. What happened to the good old days when you could shoot both of them in bed without penalty? Nowadays, you catch your wife cheating on you and some fema-nazi judge (like you know who here in Smith county) gives your house to your x and calls it fair.

Okay, ARE STUPID...there...I'm proud to be the first to comply with your wishes. As for shooting wives and others, it is called MURDER, STUPID. 'nuff said.

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