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Man to wear placard saying he killed someone while driving drunk

POSTED: Friday, April 20, 2012 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 7:23pm

A driver who served time in jail for killing a man in a drunk-driving accident in Harris County will now have to advertise his crime by wearing a sign in public.

Harris County Court-at-Law Judge Michael R. Fields has ordered Michael Giacona, 39, to wear the sign, which states “I killed Aaron Coy Pennywell while driving drunk,” during four consecutive Saturdays as part of his two-year probated sentence.

The judge also ordered Giacona to wear an alcohol monitoring device on his ankle, and to prominently display a framed photograph of the victim’s destroyed car in his living room.

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rollinson - you are beyond imbecilic. Staple you mouth shut and never touch a keyboard again. Thank you.

Judge Michael R. Fields should be removed from office in my opinion. He should voluntarily leave the judicial system and go and work in the circus.
Even school children would not understand this kind of sentence for this kind of crime. BAH HUMBUG FIELDS!

Why is this man not in Federal Prison?
NOT his first DWI?
Killed another human being?
I know someone who got this "SAME" sentence for resisting arrest.
Where did Justice and Accountability go? What does this say to the family of the dead person. It says that a life means nothing in our justice (REALLY) system.
I wonder if the perpetrator will get 4 years probated probation if he kills again?

Agree with all the judge ordered except the picture in the living room; all that will do is make the guy go back to drinking when the probation period is over!! And I disagree with the shock probation too!!

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