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Money Matters is brought to you by Texas Financial and Retirement

Money Matters is brought to you by Texas Financial and Retirement


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Money Matters is brought to you by Texas Financial and Retirement

Our Staff has about 100 years of experience helping to meet people's financial and retirement dreams!

We are a full-service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to help reach them by our providing sound financial information.

Texas Financial Retirement takes a comprehensive approach to protect and preserve your life savings, working closely with you to set your retirement goals, ensuring you will maintain the same quality of life - or better - during your retirement as you are today! Our expertise in tax planning, wealth accumulation, long-term care planning, life insurance, asset protection, and estate planning will provide the diversity you need to realize the retirement of your dreams and to take away any worry of ever outliving your money.

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James Holloway has over 30 yrs experience working with retirees in various capacities. James' simple to understand old fashioned approach makes it easy for retirees to be able to explore THEIR OWN specific circumstances and to understand all their options You won't find any fancy charts or graphics!



James Holloway Jr. and his wife, Erin Holloway are 2nd generation members of the practice. They Reside in Arp, Texas and are actively involved in the community. James Holloway Jr. has grown up in this industry and believes strongly in the ideals that his father has practiced to make Texas Financial and Retirement what it is today.