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Scott Chesner - Chief Meteorologist

Scott Chesner Chief Meteorologist

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Scott Chesner is KETK's chief meteorologist and has been with the station since January 2006. And even though he was born and raised in New Jersey, he moved to Texas in 1981 and has never wanted to leave. Each of Scott's four daughters was born in the state. Scott jokes that he feels like a true Texan now more than ever because some of his acquired "Texas" attitude, especially when it comes to lifestyle and politics, don't sit all that well with his former "Yankee" friends!

No matter, East Texas is happy to have Scott keep an eye on the sometimes crazy, sometimes downright dangerous weather we get here. It takes someone with great training to forecast weather here and Scott Chesner has that expertise. He received a degree in Meteorology from Penn State University in 1977 and then worked for Accu Weather, one of the world's largest private meteorological firms. It was there that he first begin forecasting Texas weather. Eventually, Scott moved to Dallas - Ft. Worth to work for KXAS TV, under the man known as the "World's Greatest Weatherman", Harold Taft. He worked side be side with Harold for 10 years until his passing in 1991. Scott remembers him fondly and talks about how Harold taught him so many things, but especially that his main concern should always be "to get the forecast right!" Scott still talks about those important early lessons and that getting the forecast right is something he continues to strive for every day.

Eventually, Scott found his way to KETK and knew he'd found his home. He says the slightly slower pace of East Texas suits him just fine and he really enjoys the people he's met here. He also finds forecasting Texas weather an exciting part of his daily job. Says Scott "It keeps me sharp and always in awe of the tremendous challenge of forecasting mother nature....something that only the Lord is 100% accurate in doing! But I try my best."

Scott lives here in Tyler, but frequently visits his daughters and friends in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.