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12 arrested, more than $10k in stolen property recovered in Nacogdoches County

12 arrested, more than $10k in stolen property recovered in Nacogdoches County
Nacogdoches County Sheriffs Office

POSTED: Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 3:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 4:09pm

After numerous reports of burglaries in Nacogdoches County, the Nacogdoches County Sheriffs Office began investigating the incidents.

Authorities tell KETK, their main focus was on the most recent crimes, which had taken place in the Melrose area. However, they quickly learned that the burglaries were connected to several others across the county.

"The investigation began with little or no leads," said Sheriff Jason Bridges in a press release. "Investigators began to put small pieces together from citizens' reports of suspicious activity."

Two burglaries that happened between Nacogdoches County Roads 503 and 504 were solved, and warrants were obtained for the suspect, Calvin Otis Jackson, 56. He's wanted for burglary of a habitation, which is a 2nd degree felony.

Calvin Jackson

In another incident, a stolen television from a location in the city was recovered. However, a suspect has yet to be named.

In an attempt to locate a suspect from additional burglaries on County Roads 411 and 419, investigators found one of the largest meth labs in Nacogdoches County history. This resulted in the arrest of three people on Press Road.

Investigators were then recoved a stolen four wheeler inside the city of Nacogdoches. When they back-tracked the theft of the four wheeler, they were led to another house in the city where 5 grams of crystal meth was found. Four people were arrested at the scene:

  • Josh Allen, 24
  • Chase Whittington, 17
  • Brandon Sowell, 25
  • Jasmin Lindsey, 20

They were all charged with possession of a controlled substance, which is a 2nd degree felony. Whittington was also served with a felony warrant for burglary of a building.

Josh Allen, Chase Whittington, Brandon Sowell, Jasmin Lindsey

These arrests led investigators to Jerry Stotts. At Stotts' house, authorities found 8 grams of meth. Stotts was arrested.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriffs Office patrol division recovered another stolen four wheeler in the Swift Community. Quentin Bell, 28, was arrested and a warrant has been issued for Justin Ferguson, 26. Ferguson is wanted for engaging in criminal activity, which is a 3rd degree felony.

Quentin Bell, Justin Ferguson

During a follow up on that investigation, deputies were able to solve two more burglaries.

These burglaries both happened on Nacogdoches County Road 716. Anthony-Paul Fenton, 21, was arrested for two charges of burglary of a building in connection to these crimes. Warrants were also issued for the arrest of Ariana Cary, 21, Daniel Henson, 20, and Crista Cary, 17, for engaging in criminal activity.

Anthony Fenton, Ariana Cary (Daniel Henson and Crista carea not pictured)

While authorities were investigating burglaries in the Abbleby area, they recovered three stolen laptops. One of the laptops had been stolen from Mississippi. Sheriff officials are still working to identify three possible suspects in these cases.

"Throughout this whole investigation, the goal was to reach the main party involved in the thefts and locate the people who may have been selling the stolen property."

Investigators identified the main suspects involved in the majority of the burglaries, and issued warrants for Rickey Spurr, 39, and Thomas Stroud, 28.

While serving the warrants, authorities had probable cause to search Spurr's house, which was in an upscale Nacogodoches neighborhood. Inside, they discovered even more stolen property, including stolen ammunition. They also found meth. Spurr was charged with burglary, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of stolen property.

Rickey Spurr, Thomas Stroud

"Altogether, a total of three search warrants were issued this past week," Sheriff Bridges stated. "A total of 29 additional charges have been filed and investigators are in the process of linking all the solved cases to each suspect."

Approximately ten thousand dollars worth of property have been recovered and many of these investigations are still open for further review.

The Sheriff Office has arrested 12 suspects and several arrests are pending.

"I feel that it is extremely important to not only send a message to our criminals, but to show our citizens our due diligence in resolving crime in our county," Sheriff Bridges said.

"Narcotics and burglaries go hand in hand; twenty years ago someone would steal for themselves and keep the property.  However, in changing times, the people are stealing to support a habit and lifestyle of narcotics usage."

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