2 dead after head-on collision in ETX

2 dead after head-on collision in ETX

POSTED: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 12:42pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 6:16pm

Two are dead after an early morning head-on collision in Smith County.

Around 3:00 a.m., Wednesday, DPS responded to reports of an accident on Farm to Market Road 14, just north of Tyler, involving a motorcycle and car.

According to DPS, the motorcyclist, Darryl Town, 51, of Whitehouse was pronounced dead at the scene, while Payton Nicole Herrington, 22, of Lindale, succumbed to injuries after being taken to a local hospital.

Herrington was arrested for Arson, a second degree felony, and Criminal Trespassing, a Class B Misdemeanor, in December 2010, after she set a Tyler police car on fire.

Herrington's aunt, Rhonda McIntyre, tells KETK Herrington had turned her life around and was enrolled at the University of Texas at Tyler and was making straight A's.

Details regarding how the wreck happened are not yet available, but KETK will update information as it becomes available.


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I am not sorry for what I read,she took my brothers life and I will never be the same...he had so much going for him and his family and now its gone. I don`t feel for her I have so much hate and pain right now.
may my brother R.I.P.

I'm sorry, but why is it necessary for this girl's mugshot to be shown and most importantly, why was it necessary to include her criminal record? This is absolutely outrageous and clearly poor journalism. A poor decision made by a teenager does not summarize her life or the people in it. She and her family deserve more respect than that. This article should be taken down and her family deserves an apology!

It is my strong opinion that this report was shameful, sensationalistic, poor journalism, and had no bearing on this tragic loss for which her family, friends, and community are grieving.

Payton was my editing partner in our writing for mass media class. I just skimmed over this story on facebook the other day, but our teacher told us this morning of her passing. I dropped everything and just started crying. I'm so upset with the way this story was written. It doesn't matter about her past arrests, she was an amazing person and friend and she completely turned her life around. I will always love her and miss her dearly.

Shame on you, KETK for reporting this story in such a disrespectful way. The mug shot and past arrest history had NOTHING to do with this accident. It's a sad day when there is no respect shown for the deceased or her family. If these details had been relevant, it would one thing, but it was not in this case.

This is the worst reporting job ive ever seen. No reason to bring up anyones past especially in this situation . A family has lost a loved one and doesnt need her past shared to the world.. this is why I like kltv... yall should be ashamed...no respect!

The information on her past is not just tasteless, it's hurtful and very poor judgment on the part of the journalist and the news director who approved it. It is completely irrelevant to the story and pissed a lot of your viewers off. This is a shameful act of irresponsible journalistic exposure.

Her past has absolutely nothing to do with her tragic death. Shame on you for bringing up her past and posting her mug shot for something she did as a teenager. Payton was doing well and had turned her life around and was attending UT Tyler and making straight A`s. But I guess that would not be news worthy for you. You should think about her grieving family before posting this. I will never watch your news station again. You should be ashamed!

KETK, you just lost viewers. You've marred your channel & integrity. Where's the objectivity? Your story was on a wreck. I wanted pertinent details to the occurrence & current status of the parties involved (where they work, live, attend school, family)? Hmm, wonder how many archives show such disregard for reporting and slant toward discrediting an individual...one who's now dead & unable to defend herself? Someone's past does not define them. You owe this family an apology & to pull it.

Another reason I don't watch your channel! Both families are mourning today and overwhelmed! Distasteful to add to the report when it has nothing to do with the accident!

This is a precious, sweet, Godly family that deserves the right to grieve the loss of their loved one without having to see her mistakes blasted all over the news. (All because of a heartless reporter, who probably just caused her station to lose viewers in Lindale). Payton was a beautiful, smart young lady who made some poor choices at a young age. We all make mistakes and she was on the right path to getting her life back on track. Have some decency and report what's relevant!

All of my comment did not post...last part below.
Since KETK spoke with her aunt why could you have not ask for a picture of her? I will pray for you, maybe you need to ask God yourself for forgiveness. Here is East Texas we are better than this…We know to show the deceased and their family respect.

This young lady has lost her life; you would think there would be nothing else you could take from her!!! But KETK has tried to smear her name. We all have a past, but this young lady was making a positive change. Just because you are reporting the news does not mean that you can’t show respect. I do not see where you spoke of anyone else’s past in this article…could it be you are just trying to be nasty and get some shock value!! I can’t see where her past could have been the cause of this

I understand that you have to report the news but you did not have to do so in such a distasteful manner!!! You should have been more respectful to a grieving family and the deceased victim!! Such a shame!!

ketk, I am disgusted that you found it necessary to include this young woman's history in this article. Shame on you! To her family, may God bless you and give you strength to get through such a sad time. To ketk, may God forgive you.

I will never watch KETK again. Heartless, disgusting display of journalism. You should be ashamed. Prayers to both families involved in this tragic accident.

Please show some integrity and remove the tacky, disrespectful and irrelevant information you have posted in regards to the tragic wreck today involving Miss Herrington. Her past criminal history nor her mugshot have nothing to do with today's event. The family has respectfully requested that you remove this and you have so far refused. Please show some compassion and class by honoring their request. TERRIBLE journalism.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where the media can report a story any way they choose with little or no concern for the impact it may have on others. The mugshot was a picture taken at a very troubling time in Payton's life. She recovered, moved on and was striving to reach her potential. That is what I will hold onto. KETK you have solidified my belief that the media is only interested in ratings and are tasteless in their pursuit of such.

KETK you owe this family an apology. This story happened years ago and to post her mug shot??? I am so angry with this news station!! They have hurt a family that's already bearing so much pain.

This is a DISGRACE to journalism! You guys did this with the father of my child as well, TAKE DOWN THIS GIRLS MUGSHOT & the report about what she did in the past. The past is the past for a reason. I know her parent's hearts are breaking with family and friends. This is makes me sick. You should all be EMBARRASSED about this. Plenty of people loved and cared about this girl and this has a lot of people upset. Please think about what they're going through, It's not just another "JUICY" story.

This is disrespectful that you would post her mugshot and past criminal record. You all at KETK should be ashamed of yourselves! My family and I will discontinue watching KETK from this point on!

Stupid, sensationalist reporting. Shame on you. Do the right thing and take the part about her past and the mugshot down. We all make mistakes and a time like this isn't when they should be the focus.

Shame on you as a news station to post something so tacky about someone's family who lost their life in an accident. That has absolutely nothing to do with the story. Absolutely ridiculous.

shame on you KETK....how heartless to do this to a family who is grieving the loss of their family member. I hope all these comments cause you to think before printing somethin so terrible that has NOTHING to do with the tragedy itself. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

I agree with above mug shot.... Not tasteful and insensitive to grieving friends and family.

Payton was a very tenderhearted and loving person, daughter, big sister, and niece.
Very disgraceful and tacky of you, Reagan Roy. You pull up old information with your distasteful reporting. What about reporting the goodness and kindness and how Payton was improving her life? Why not use a recent photograph of her? How would you like it if it were you in this article and the most negative aspect of your life was what was written about you after your death? Improper!

Why does the report have to include the bad past behavior of someone's life when they have turned it around. It wasn't relevant to this story. She was on a good path. Yes, it was mentioned, but you got in the seedy stuff, as well. That's hurtful to loved ones and not honorable to speak of a person who has just died that way. Obviously the gritty story is more important than a person's life to this reporter.

KETK you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Sad story for all involved. Wouldn't it be terrible to learn that she had turned her life around but all we saw was a mug shot and a story from 3 years ago...OH WAIT, SHE DID! Way to report a story KETK!

well, i just called the news station, where i spoke with the RUDEST PERSON, I was told the family had just hung up with them and they discussed it and the news station has decided they WILL NOT take it down, That is down right disrespectful, these people just lost a loved on, I am NOT SURE WHY her past has to be a part of this! That was not the person she was today. To the lady I spoke with, I will pray for you.. you people are completely HEARTLESS!..

I am sorry, I am not sure why you had to pull up her past for this, Please take that down, she does have a Mother, and brother and family that JUST found out the news and are mourning the loss of thier Daughter, Granddaughter, sister and friend. PLEASE take that down for THEIR sake.. have a little respect.

I am sorry, I am not sure why you had to pull up her past for this, Please take that down, she does have a Mother, and brother and family that JUST found out the news and are mourning the loss of thier Daughter, Granddaughter, sister and friend. PLEASE take that down for THEIR sake.. have a little respect.

I am very disappointed in KETK that they posted this girls criminal record. Just because she had a criminal record does not make it any less tragic that she is now dead. I wonder how that made her family feel.

How tacky to show a deceased victims mugshot

It is EXTREMELY tacky and honestly disrespectful.. Not sure any photo should be displayed, especially without family's consent..

Sad for the deceased and their families. Disappointed in KETK the mugshot is tacky to the max..... A kid doing something clearly irresponsible shouldn't be attached to their passing. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4959911284971&set=t.100006119162...

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