2014 Cherokee County Rabies Campaign

2014 Cherokee County Rabies Campaign
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 10:53pm

All week long, Cherokee County veterinarians will be making getting your pet's rabies vaccination a bit more convenient.

Everyday this week, clinics will be set up in different areas in Cherokee county, offering rabies vaccinations for $10.

Clinics will also be open after 5 PM, so people who work during the day will have a chance to get their pet vaccinated.

Rabies is on the rise in East Texas, and by getting your pets protected you also protect your family, since most people who contract rabies, do so from their own pet.

Rabies is a neurological disease, which once it's contracted, is deadly.

"If your animal contracts rabies, there is no cure, there's nothing we can do, so, for your animal's sake, prevention is the best way to go because there is no cure," said Dr. Will Prachyl from Cherokee Animal Clinic.

Along with the $10 rabies vaccine, there are also other shots available, which all together will cost $40.

To find out where the next clinic will open follow this link: http://www.cherokeeanimalclinic.com/rabiesclinics.htm

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