2014 Smith County proposed budget


POSTED: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 10:36pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 6:03pm

Smith County Commissioners released their 2014 proposed budget.

This year's budget was up 3% from last year.

And a good chunk of the budget goes towards the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Larry Smith and judge Joel Baker sat down and discussed what the Sheriff Office needs this upcoming year and the expansion and renovation of the county jail.

The renovation and expansion of the Smith County jail will spill over into the 2014 budget.

"Any part that I submitted to the commissioners court of my budget was definitely all needs and no wants. It's something that we absolutely had to have," said Sheriff Smith.

With the new facility opening up by the end of next year, Smith met with Baker to make sure their new facility will be properly staffed.

Two of the floors in the new jail will hold 144 inmates and the third will hold 96.

That means inmates who've been kept out of the county because of overcrowding will be brought back.

But, more room means Sheriff Smith needs 10 more jailers.

Lately, they've been bringing jailers in on their days off.

There will also be a change of supervision from indirect to direct.

Jailers will now be inside the jail with the inmate.

 Baker said their needs to be training involved with making this kind of transition.

But, Baker said it will decrease expenses and reduce the need for additional detention officers.

"There is going to be time for a learning curve, as we move into this new type of management of a facility and there is going to be some things that we're going to have to ease into," said Baker.

And Sheriff Smith is pleased with what's carved out for the jail and the Sheriff's Office in the 2014 budget. 

"I feel confident we will get through it.'"

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i have county equipment right now sittn on my property leaking hydraulic fluids, fuel, rutting up our land due to the asshole neighbor i have who works for the county but deserves 2 be under the grader he throws out his trash in the headwaters of lake tyler cause he is a bully $ resents that my wife $ i are not from here, i am Cherokee, my wive related to jefferson davis, both rosevelts, $ the forbes, her name is on the first 3 ships my family was key in setting up A&M ur community love is crap

we need perment cuts the retirement policies of giviing retirements need to stop the retirements need to be saved like the rest of us not granted $ sure not given raises without voter approval $ not by votes on the season when everyone is on vacation or in finals week or us brain dead from the last laws shoved down our throats by manipulators of our lives $ wallets some of you call leaders they have lead us all to the slaughter way too long put them out on the streets with the rest of us

never once in the 30 years i have been here has there not been a raise in property taxes or sales taxes yet we have the countries # 1 police force for traffic citations income in the fleech trap of a community $ forget gettn ur trees picked up as part of ur normal curb service as other cities do its gotta be so so $ u gotta chase truck down n load they want the fine n cut ur yard so u can water $ u better not water ur yard $ poop ur gonna be taxed for the flush wake up u brain dead drones

we have just been hit by another un needed school bond for schools that will bew built in the wrong places like the last ones and the ones before that and good luck in selling ur property if your house is north of the mall and loop 323 its gonna be impossible since Realtor push everyone towards bullard, tyler taxpayers need a serious perment roll back from this illegal tax on our lives ur gonna pay for ur house twice as it is now and 3 times if u buy early due to taxes homeownership is a bad

our first order of business needs to be the imprisionment of the city $ co employees in this new jail we never needed our family has been robbed here in smith co over 36 times now with the recent loss of our riding lawn mower from our garage, $ the people doing the stealn are county employees $ city police who run the constant rolln road blocks $ secret probation if you dare speak out against such tax burdens, this county brags the lowest rates, lies due to the tripleover value of property

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