4th of July celebrations mean busy emergency rooms


POSTED: Friday, July 4, 2014 - 2:53pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 1:33pm

While the holiday weekend is full of fun and fireworks, local officials say its also one of the biggest days for injuries and emergency room visits. "People drink too much on a holiday and when you involve a fire. In that circumstance things don't, don't go well," said Dr. Benjamin Constante with Momentum Urgent Care in Tyler. He said he sees a number of fire-related injuries every year for Independence Day. Whenever we visited with him he hadn't seen anyone in patriotic pain yet, but he's prepared for the worst. "Injuries don't kick up until evening when it gets dark and you can see the fireworks, people have been drinking all day and so they begin trickling into the ER through the evening and the middle of the night," said Dr. Constante

Mike Frost with Tyler Fire Department says they see more injured children than anything. "We see quite a few injuries, hand injuries, eye injuries, minor burns, even significant burns," said Frost. He said the majority of the injuries are from sparklers. "I think people think that sparklers are safe for young children to handle and pass around and everything, on the contrary I think I've seen more burns from sparklers than I have anything else," said Frost. Costante agreed, saying, " Even though it seems like a pretty benign fire work, it can actually cause some significant burns."

To avoid ending up in the ER on your holiday, like thousands do every year, Frost recommends to play it safe. "The safest thing you could do tonight is to go to one of the public displays and watch professionals set off professional fireworks," said Frost.

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