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5 ETX cities will have alcohol on the May ballot

5 ETX cities will have alcohol on the May ballot

POSTED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 5:11pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 12:41pm

Alcohol is once again making it's way on the ballot now for five different cities. Three in Van Zandt County, Canton, Van, Grand Saline and also in the cities of Gilmer and Quitman.

A handful of Quitman city residents are ready to see a change in their area.

"Everyone around has turned wet and people are doing their shopping other than Quitman. We want our tax dollars brought into our city and shopping brought back here," said Quitman resident Judith Sanders.

Sanders said since their neighboring town Mineola went wet, a lot of Quitman residents spend their money there.

"My neighbor for instance goes to Mineola to buy wine for her husband and while she's there she buys gas and groceries we want her spending it here," said Sanders. 

Owner of Texas Tea Room restaurant in Quitman Jan Joiner Gorman agreed.

"I just think we're losing tax dollars to all cities around us when we can be keeping it in our city."

She said especially when Quitman hosts big fishing tournaments, a lot of outsiders go to different cities to have an alcoholic drink

"It would be nice to have the fisherman come here," said Gorman.  

But, others want to keep their city dry.

"I just feel like the potential for abuse and for problems is more inherit," said Max Callahan, who is part of the Concerned Citizens of Van Zandt County.

Callahan was employed with Canton ISD for more than 40 years. He said having alcohol in their town will affect many in a negative way.

"I've seen how alcohol adversely affected the young people's lives and the lives of their families."

Early voting begins April 28 and runs through May 6. Election day is May 10.

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The Lady is wrong people shop in Minola because everything esp.gas is cheaper always is.There are more stores and restaurants to visit.The food from the stores are fresher.Esp. the frozen pizza.They can get their tax dollars from the DUI and Funeral Parlors.Vote No

Callahan, you should realise that this is a FREE Country. You should not appoint yourself judge and jury regarding the choices citizens make in their lives. In 2010 31,672 people were killed by firearms, latest years numbers on road accident fatalities are 33,808, and 1 in 5 deaths in the USA are related to obesity.
So, may I suggest you start a campaign to confiscate all firearms and motor vehicles from all Americans. Also institute a total ban on all unhealthy foods. You sily dictator! GRR

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