6th annual Men's Wearhouse suit drive

6th annual Men's Wearhouse suit drive
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 4:25pm

If your old suit is collecting dust in the closet, you might want to consider taking it to Men's Wearhouse.

The men's apparel store is having a suit drive until July 31st.

More than 900 Men's Wearhouse stores across the country are asking you to donate a suit you don't wear anymore.

"Shirts, slacks jeans shirts ties belts whatever they are not using, something they haven't worn for a year and no they are never going to wear it again bring it in," said Tyler Men's Wearhouse Store Manager Dana Upchurch.

The drive is to help unemployed men look their best as they look for another job.

"You only have 55 seconds to make a good first impression and you never get a second chance to make good first impressions.To be able to help someone reach that goal quickly and easily is a tremendous blessing for us and the community," said Upchurch.  

The suit and tie store have been putting on this drive for the past six years.

Upchurch says their Tyler store collected about 60 pieces of nice clothing last year.

Nationally they collect over 150,000.

Upchurch says they hope to exceed that number and donate a good amount of work wear to Path.

Path Executive Director Greg Grubb says they are happy to partner with Men's Wearhouse to help the people who need something nice to wear.

"We're going by the store and picking up suits on a weekly basis and getting them to the people that need them," said Grubb.

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