81-year-old Tyler man to run his 16th marathon

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 7:12pm

81-year-old Harold Wilson is planning to run his 16th marathon in Boston in two weeks. This will be the 9th time he's running the 26.2 mile marathon in Boston, the most recent was last year, "I had crossed the finish line and was about two blocks from it when the bombs went off," Wilson said. But he also said that won't let him stop him from returning again this year, " That encouraged me to go back, I won't let the terrorists or whoever keep me from going back."

When Wilson is training for a big run, he runs five days per week averaging seven to 10 miles per day. But, he wasn't always this in shape. When Wilson was 54 years old he was told by doctors he was overweight and had high cholesterol. So he decided to take charge of his health and wellness, "I ran a month or two and then I entered a 5k and enjoyed it and won second place, that motivated me and I went on," Wilson said, and he's been running ever since then. "I run on average when I'm training, five days a week I average about 40 miles per week but this past week I hit 50."

He attributes all of his motivation to his friends who run beside him, "I'm thankful for all the good friends In the East Texas Striders and the Longview running club." Despite his age, he says anyone can be fit if they just put their minds and bodies to the test. And said the key to a healthful live is eating right and staying active.

Wilson will turn 82 on April 4th, then he will head to Boston on the 21st and run across the finish line at the Boston Marathon for the ninth time. Wilson said, "I want to live til I die, you know," words everyone can learn from.


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