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93-year-old blind bowler keeps on throwing strikes


POSTED: Sunday, July 6, 2014 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 7:15pm

One East Texas woman is an inspiration to her bowling team. Nita Johansen is 93-years-old and legally blind. But, she's led her team to a championship and she's still got it!

"I've just been bowling here and there and everywhere," said Johansen.

In 1952, she cut her hand on a window and her husband encouraged her to pick up a hobby to help get her strength back.

"My husband said you're losing all your muscles, we must do something and then he said let's start bowling a little bit."

She's now been bowling for more than 58 years.

"Bowling was 25 cents a line and the first year I bowled, I won first place in everything that they had (laughs)."

When Johansen found out she was blind, nearly 20 years ago, it nearly crushed her.

"One eye was still good, at that time and I went to the doctor and the other one went out."

But, her friends and family encouraged her, she couldn't give up.

"I said I was going to quit, she (Simmons) and some of the others said no you're not going to quit. Well I said I can't see how can I bowl? But, I'm still bowling."

Johansen now has a 127 bowling average.

"For someone 93 and can't see down there, there were so many times she got up to bowl and there wasn't a pin down there and you have to run and catch her," said Johansen's team captain Peggy Simmons.

Even with the odds against her, she keeps on throwing strikes.

"I have so many nice friends and my kids take me and do for me. Well I've had a good life, I've had a good life," said Johansen.

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Nita is amazing and an inspiration to us all!!

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