A fire aftermath

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 7:13pm

The fires that have swept through our area have subsided for now.
But weary fire fighters know, we can’t assume the worst is over.
It’s a short county road that’s a little hard to find.
Only a handful of people live there, and for the last two days, a 200 acre fire threatened to take everything they have.
County road 316D is a short, dead end road with only a few houses scattered along its length.
But Wednesday afternoon, one of the many wildfires raging through the area sent the residents packing.
Today, it is officially contained, and everyone can come home.
But it still looks worrisome.
This is county road 316 south of Henderson. And the fire here is now officially out. But there are still hot spots around the area, and that is what worries fire fighters, because they can reignite this thing in the blink of an eye.
But one member of the Henderson Fire Department told us as long as the hot spots are in the containment area, they’ll let them burn themselves out.
Meanwhile, electrical crews are surveying the area to make sure it’s safe to restore power.
They disconnect an area when fire crews are working to prevent injury from downed lines.
Though only a couple of people had returned by this afternoon, everyone will be home soon.
And fire fighters have told neighbors, keep an eye out. This thing may not be over yet.
While we were in Henderson, we called State Representative Chuck Hopson, and actually caught him at work in a local pharmacy.
Though he couldn’t join us on camera, he said the work of fire crews all over East Texas has been extraordinary and all of us owe a debt of thanks that will be hard to pay.

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