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A gift Tyler may not want


POSTED: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 1:28pm

According to the Federal Department of Transportation, Texas has the second busiest highways in the country.
Only California ranks higher.
And those highways need maintenance. And Texas is growing, so the system needs expansion. And the legislature didn’t give The Texas Department of Transportation anywhere near the money they need to do that.
So TxDot is ready to tell Texas cities, you fix your own roads.
Many roads that local folks assume are just city streets are actually maintained by TxDot.
And they are proposing what is called “Turnback.” Letting cities foot the bill for highways inside their city limits of towns over 50,000 population. Here that would be Tyler and Longview.
That would cost millions of dollars.
To see how this would impact Tyler, we have to take a drive.
A lot of roads in town are also part of the old Farm to market system and are maintained by the state.
We can begin with one that we all travel every day, Loop 323.
And according to most estimates, TxDot would hand over to Tyler responsibility for Broadway south of the Loop.
North of Loop 323, this part would revert to the city’s nickel.
This is the corner of Paluxy and the Loop. You may think of this street as Paluxy, but to the highway department, it’s FM 756.
It may not seem like a Farm to market Road with the Green Acres neighborhood on one side and a shopping center on the other.
But under the plan, what we think of as a city street, would become just that, a city street. Because TxDot has up to now, been maintaining it.
Fifth Street. Nope, it’s Highway 64.
Municipalities are livid about the plan, since the costs will be astronomical.
But since the legislature didn’t come up woefully short of highway money, there may be no other choice.

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Don't you just love Texas! The august legislature cuts education funds, Medicaid funds, etc., & now proposes to strap local taxpayers with a multi-million dollar yearly tab to maintain roadways within city limits that were previously overseen by the state...if anyone has groused about next year's city budget, it will be a cake-walk compared to the coming hit our wallets may take in the near future. Isn't a state that shouts it's Christianity while sticking it to us such a great place to live!

Wither DOT or Tyler or the Federal Government or the tooth fairy fix the roads THE MONEY HAS TO COME FROM SOMEWHERE.

And it's the tax payers that pay.. one way or another for TINSTAAFL.

And if Tyler foots the bill then maybe all those stupid road dividers in the loop will be bulldozed away.

At least that way the voters can decide what they want in a road, instead of DOT.

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