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A haunted historical Henderson tale

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 10:55pm

The Howard-Dickinson house on South Main Street in Henderson, is historic for many reasons.

Most prominently it houses a trunk, once owned by Sam Houston, who stayed at the house frequently, and was a cousin to one of the original owners.

But, that's not why the house is infamous in East Texas, it's mostly known for being, a haunted house.

Built in 1855, the house was owned by two families, the Howards for the first fifty years, and later the Dickinson's, until 1950.

"The house sat empty for a long time and it was totally vandalized and at that time it really became known as the haunted house and it was a pretty scary place," explains Cyndi Walker, member of the Rusk County Heritage Association.

One of the first reported stories was from a woman, who was helping restore the house in the 1960's, while she was sitting in the parlor.

"A lady in a long white dress came up the steps came in the house went up the stairs and just kind of vanished before her eyes" said Walker.

The woman is believed to be Martha Howard, and she has been accused of other, unexplained events.

"People would talk about forks flying off their plates out of the dining room that perhaps Mrs. Howard who was a stickler for good manners wasn't pleased with their etiquette."

And in a house filled with so much history, and so many mysteries, it's most infamous story lies down in the basement.

"When the children were grown two of the boys were visiting back in the house and were down in the basement cleaning their guns and one accidently shot the other one.  He ran all the way up to the top floor and dies on the floor of his mother's bedroom and the blood stains are still in the wood floor today."

Another haunting story, that brings visitors inside, and keeps the doors, on this Texas landmark, open, and keeps the local history, alive.

The Howard-Dickinson house will be back open for tours during the first weekend of December.

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