A pipeline slices through East Texas


POSTED: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 6:12pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 3:11pm

There is a pipeline being planned that runs from Canada to Houston, and the goal is to bring oil from the Canadian tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

The problem is, that land is owned by East Texans, and they are mad.

David Daniel is a quiet carpenter who lives on 20 acres of thick East Texas woods near Winnsboro who found out about the pipeline when a neighbor called him to say, there were people on his land driving stakes in the ground.

They were from Transcanada, a pipeline company. And they were staking out a 150 foot swath through his land…land that is dotted with 100-year-old hardwoods with spring-fed creeks running like a spiderweb through the thick forest.

“I started asking questions about the project and I was told they had the power of eminent domain,” Daniel said. “I got a letter from their lawyer in Houston saying they had a right to come on the property and if I didn’t comply, they were going to take me to court.”

And soon, it may be a major construction site.

“The potential for disaster with my springs is pretty high,” David told us, “and they have no regard for my safety or the safety of my daughter from contamination, and they have no plan no emergency response”

Transcanada is sending thick, toxic crude from the tar sands of Canada to the gulf coast. And landowners in Oklahoma and texas are all facing the same issues. They are the last legs of the Keystone Pipeline, and transcanada is playing rough.

That’s why David and others in the area in a similar situation, from retirees to developers who have run into the juggernaut that is Transcanada. ..met today to form S.T.O.P or STOP THE TARSANDS OIL PIPELINES.

Representatives from the consumer group Public Citizen were there to help them, but David says, Texas politicians have done nothing to help.

“I found out that their papers with the EPA weren’t in order and they didn’t have Presidential permission, so I was duped. The county commissioners only know that it will run underneath some roads. I’ve written senators and congressmen but haven’t gotten an answer,” Daniel said.

“Who’s your congressman?” we asked.
“Jeb Hensarling.”

At the meeting they voted to form a non-profit entity and work with the state and federal government to try to stop or reroute the proposed pipeline.

But given the response they’ve gotten so far…the folks from STOP are seemingly on their own.

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I am appalled when any company is allowed to use eminent domain, but especially do when it's a foreign company. That doesn't even make sense!! I'm a bit surprised some real conservatives don't have problems with that. Well, except real cons...ervatives are a dying breed, aren't they? T I am no surprised that senators, etc, seem to have no clue? Of course not. Oil pays for their campaigns. I was a big horrified when I read the comments with the article. They talked about all the Texas jobs, etc.

This foreign owned and operated company refuses to issue an Emergency Response Plan, as well as refusing to give landowners any type of warning label that would give information about what is the safe distance from the thing and what to do in event of a leak. I am very fearful of the threats to our community. To name only two of the many dangerous elements of tarsand, I know that Benzene causes cancer. And I know that concentrated Hydrogen Sulfide can kill a person in seconds.

Trans Canada is doing a great job of making this all sound so beneficial for the U.S. and for the individual states the pipeline is going through, but that is all "spin" and good PR. The truth about the environmental dangers and the actual state benefits is entirely different. Some of the facts can be found here http://centerforenergymatters.org/blog/

As a land owner this will directly affect, I am very much in opposition to this pipeline. There are too many chances for contamination and damage to the water and land. There are too many possibilities of injury and death of the wildlife on our properties. And there is far too much possibilty of injury to all the land owners and our families. Why is a Canadian company allowed to do this to Americans and what we have all worked so very hard to have for ourselves and to pass to our family?

Let's fight for responsible U.S. owned oil drilling. The chance that any Texan or U.S. citizen will see one barrel of this tarsands crude is nill. China has a huge backing of this and this oil will be transported to China once refined. This company is proving to me to be totally irresponsible and that's why we're (me & my husband) are giving our time to fight for this cause. Let our refineries be used for U.S. oil.

Why don't you people @STOP do something constructive intead of trying to tell Texans how dangerous tar is. Why not form a coalition of landowners to oversee the projest and make certain that the imminent domain provisions justly compensate landowners and that every reasonable safety standard is adheared to. If your serious about doing good then represent yourself so otherwise, you stand a snowballs chance in hell convincing Texans that pipelines are bad. Texas is oil country, it pays our taxes.

STOP did you consider that this oil will go to Texas refineries where it will be used to create many long term jobs? Your EPA (rogue government agency)claim is not substantiated and we all know that tar is crude oil abscent the high gravity components like butane, propane. Your claim to high water amounts is totally wrong dealing only with Frac's in deep tight gas reservoirs. In short you don't know much about what you don't like but I respect your right to publically demonstrate your ignorance.

Wow this is devastating! David we refer to you as the "Land Whisperer"! Please continue on this very worthwhile mission and thank you for taking a lead. I often wonder if these folks have family and ever worry over their safety. All I want to say is Go, S.T.O.P.!!!!

Wow this is devastating! David we refer to you as the "Land Whisperer"! Please continue on this very worthwhile mission and thank you for taking a lead. I often wonder if these folks have family and ever worry over their safety. All I want to say is Go, S.T.O.P.!!!!

Wow this is devastating! David we refer to you as the "Land Whisperer"! Please continue on this very worthwhile mission and thank you for taking a lead. I often wonder if these folks have family and ever worry over their safety. All I want to say is Go, S.T.O.P.!!!!

Wow, this is devastating! David I think of you as the "Land Whisperer"..... I often wonder if any of these folks have families and if they are ever concerned with their safety. Continue on with this worthwhile mission and thank you for taking a lead! Go, STOP!!!

Dudoight: a web site is being worked on.

Charles: 1) only a few temp US jobs will be created, the TransCanada workers will travel with the line. 2) This is toxic no matter how you look at it and no emerg. plan. 3) Why not get oil from the gulf & Alaska, where US companies will have control? Did you know the US just gave Mexico $2Billion to drill in the gulf? And, the US gave $2B to Petrobras (Brazil co) where Geo Soros owns a huge stake of stock?

There is NO GOOD anywhere from this!

The EPA has identified enough chemicals in tarsands oil to state that it is more dangerous than regular crude to air, water, land, and lives. The extraction process requires enormous amounts of water and natural gas. The tar pits and tailing waste ponds are sending toxic heavy metals into water supplies and the environment causing elevated cancer rates. There is no Emergency Response Plan, no EPA approval, no Presidential Permit. Show me documentation for numbers of jobs or increased income.

This "Toxic" crude is mined by buldozer in Canada where conifers grow in the sands above it. It is no more "Toxic" then the tar roads that traverse all through East Texas. Nobody wants their property disturbed, but the fact is we all have to give a little for the good of all. This pipeline represents jobs for Texans and income for Texas. It means that we won't have to deal with Hugo Chavez whenever he decides to cut off Venezuelan oil. Property owners do have the right of fair compensation.

"Best national interest" (the "greater good" you refer to) has not been determined officially and lawfully by the State Department in this situation. Without these determinations, the threat of eminent domain remains an abuse of power. It is a "presidential permit" that must pronounce this project as being in the best national interest of American citizens. That presidential permit has yet to be issued. If it must be done, then it must be done safely, transparently, and lawfully.

Found the map...

Water is a bit more precious than oil...isn't there anything to be done for the potential damage to that man's property w/ all the springs, creek, etc.?

Eminent domain...does that mean the Canadian Company takes ownership of the land that is needed to run the pipe?

How can a 'private' company do this? I thought Texas was better at protecting the land owner from Eminent Domain than this.

Where can I obtain a map of their projected pipeline thru east Tx?

Sounds like the pipeline is going thru natual wetlands with his springs which should be an environmental no-no.

Contact what ever commission on 'wetlands' and ask them about it.

Does STOP have a website?

Thank you Roger Gray for a great report! There are so many things wrong with this pipeline: 1) Huge environmental hazard risk, look up Enbridge oil leak in July, 2010 in Kalamazoo, MI. 2) With all the local drinking water sources in NE Texas, this carcinagen-based tarsands could potentially have a leak into our water tables and not know it. 3) TransCanada, which hence the name, is based in Canada. 4) No EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN has been issued, even though it has been asked for numerous times.


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