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AAA providing "Tipsy Tow service" for the 4th

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 5:26pm

It's the fourth of July and AAA wants to remind everyone to not drink and drive.

But if you do, they have a way to help you out.

The service is called Tipsy Tow.

The service is available for 30 hours.

It runs from 6 p.m.. July 3rd, until midnight July 4th.

"If just keeping one drunk driver off of the road this program will be worth it," said Doug Shupe Senior Public Affairs Specialist for AAA Texas.

AAA offers Tipsy Tow service every fourth of July and New Years holiday.

"I think it will cut down on a lot of the accidents, drunk driving related accidents," said East Texan Rocky Roberts.  

People who request a Tipsy Tow will be towed with their car up to 10 miles free of charge.

"People are going to party, they're going to drink it will be really good for somebody to be Mother Teresa for a day," said East Texan Dallas Hampton.  

This program is for everyone, even those not a member of AAA.

"Each year we hear about tragic alcohol related crashes that result in deaths and serious injuries the thing is these are entirely preventable if you plan to drink plan not to drive," said Shupe.  

According to statistics, in the U.S. an alcohol related crash is responsible for one out of every three traffic crashes.

And an average of one alcohol related death occurs every 45 minutes.

Shupe says the public should use the Tipsy Tow service as a last resort.

"We really encourage people to make plans ahead of time so that means if you planned to drink plan not to drive find a designated sober drive or an alternate form of transportation."

Schupe says people often say they don't like the inconvenience of picking their car up the next day or the cost of a cab.

But, paying for a cab getting home safely, is better than the consequences someone can face if you get a DWI or kill someone on the road.

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