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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am

Abbott endorses open carry


POSTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 8:13pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 2:27pm

That's right…we've seen it in a thousand movies. The long walk, the holstered guns…the ultimate confrontation…but that's the movies, right?

You couldn't possibly carry that way in real life, right?

SU: In Texas, there a couple of ways you can carry a pistol. You can now carry it in your car. Or, if you have a license, you can carry it concealed on your person. But what if you could carry it like this?
In all but 7 states in the union, you can walk down the street, go into a coffee shop, go shopping all while wearing a gun on your hip.
Interestingly, the 7 states that that expressly forbid it, are mostly in the South.

Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, who is running for governor, says that people with concealed carry permits should be allowed to carry openly if they desire.

“There are so many states out there where they issue permits without any sort of formal training,” says OpenCarryTexas President C.J. Grisham. “Really all the CHL process is is a brainwashing. It doesn’t do anything for gun safety at all. It’s just a way to instruct you on what the gun law is in Texas.”
“That’s just a preposterous idea across the board,” says Lock and Load’s Steve Prater. “We’ve been in here for quite a few years now. And we’ve seen how proficient people are with pistols. And I’m here to tell you, people need training.”
Now, Grisham is no stranger to controversy…

But he maintains, there should be no restriction on the right to carry a handgun.

Of course in the real west, there were laws against open carrying in most Texas cities…

“To me in Texas, among educated people, and in the day and age we live, I just don’t see it,” Prater says. “I don’t like the idea of it personally.”


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Agree 100%. Life is much different than even 20 yrs. ago. Human life is cheap & expendable. Family values have broken down. Guns & drugs/alcohol don't mix & there's too much of these now-a-days.
Abbott wants votes where ever he can get them. Playing this issue appeals to ultraconservatives Tparty types. Why is he doing this? The Repubs & especially the Tparty are dying nationally & in Texas. He is facing a strong Dem opponent.
Candidates beating the same old drum need to be put out to pasture.

As long as the licensing is 'shall issue', and mot some political payoff, then that's ok with me.

Actually, only 5 states now ban the open carry of properly holstered handguns - see map at - most states allow open carry at age 18 without the need for any license or permit.

Cops open carry all the time, so why not citizens?

Because most citizens do not know or study the law reguarding "Deadly Use of Force" like Police Officers do. Calling Police Officers "COPS" is disrespectful.

In days past since the "Old real west", people valued life and they had manners. Not true anymore. Nowadays, "among educated people and in the day and age we live", people don't have the same values and they certainly don't have manners, for the most part. I support open carry...but I believe there needs to be licensing and proficiency tests as well as requalifications just like they do in those professions where folks carry guns for a living.

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