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Accused murderer James Calvert booked into Smith Co. Jail


POSTED: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 2:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 5:53pm

Update (Monday, November 5): Accused murderer and kidnapper James W. Calvert was returned to East Texas Monday afternoon.

Calvert was turned over to the Tyler Police Department outside of Longview and booked into the Smith County Jail at around 2:30 p.m. He had been held at the Ouachita Correction Center in Louisiana since West Monroe officers caught him in a high speed chase on November 1.

Calvert is accused of murdering his ex-wife, Jelena Radovanivic Sriraman, 30, and kidnapping his son, Lucas Calvert, 4.

His bond is set at $25 million.

Update (Thursday, November 1): KETK has  confirmed that the kidnapped child, Lucas Calvert, 4, has been found safe, and the father, James Calvert, 41,  has been arrested in West Monroe, Louisiana.

When police tried to pull the car over, James Calvert took off and led police on high speed car chase. It ended shortly when Calvert turned down a road with no outlet and crashed.

Tyler Police tell KETK, when Louisiana police approached Calvert's car they noticed he had a pistol in his lap and a pistol in the back seat.

He would not let officers into the crashed vehicle, so they were forced to break out the window to make their arrest.

Calvert's son was in backseat strapped into a child seat and unharmed by the crash, or his father.

He is still in a Louisiana jail, but he will be back in Tyler behind bars on a 2 million dollar bond shortly, according to police.

His charges in Texas are capital murder, and kidnapping, and he now faces charges in Louisiana for evading arrest.

According to Child Protective Services Spokeswoman Shari Pulliam, Jelena Radovanivic (Calvert) Sriraman's children have been released to the stepfather in Tyler.

KETK will bring you more information as it becomes available.


ORIGINAL STORY (Wednesday, Oct 31): East Texas authorities are searching for a little boy after a fatal shooting in Tyler Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly after noon, Tyler Police Department officers were dispatched to the 3300 block of Bain Place near the intersection of Amherst Drive. When they arrived, they discovered a woman had been shot dead and Lucas Calvert, 4, of Tyler, had been possibly kidnapped by his father, James W. Calvert, 41, of Whitehouse.

                           James Calvert

The area has been blocked off as authorities investigate the scene.

Tyler Police Department has secured an arrest warrant for capital murder on James W. Calvert. The warrant was issued by Judge Jack Skeen. Bond has been set at $2 million.

A second child, 5, at Andy Woods Elementary School has been placed in Child Protective Services custody. CPS Spokeswoman Shari Pulliam says they are currently working to obtain an affidavit to remove custody rights and place them in a foster care.

Pulliam tells KETK they are actively looking for Lucas Calvert alongside law enforcement.

Authorities are searching for a gray or silver 2000 Buick LeSabre with license plate DP4 G858. It is believed to be driven by the alleged abductor.

The child was last seen wearing grey sweats , a blue sweatshirt, brown sandals and has silver caps on his teeth. He is described as about 3 foot tall, weighs about 30-40 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

A 24 hour hot line has been set up at the Tyler Police Department Command Post. The number to call with information on James Calvert is 903-595-7220. If the line is busy please call the main communications line at 903-531-1000.

According to Smith County Jail records, James Calvert was arrested for aggravated assault in 2009 and violated a protective order three times between September 2009 and May 2010.

Pastor Larry Craig of Southern Oaks Baptist Church tells KETK the woman was staying there while she moved to Houston.

According to the Southern Oaks Facebook page, the woman who was shot and killed is Jelena Calvert, 30, who recently remarried.

The Southern Oaks Baptist Church posted the following information onto their Facebook page.

The woman who was killed is Calvert's ex-wife, according to the Tyler Police Department. Many of you may have heard by now that Jelena Calvert has been shot and killed by her ex-husband and Lucas was taken. Emily was not taken and is in protective custody. After much prayer and lengthy discussions with the Church Staff and the Tyler Police we have decided to continue with the Fall Fest tonight for the benefit of the children of our community. Police presence will be on our block but it will appear to be traffic control which we had already put into place. We feel this is a significant outreach opportunity for our Church and we do NOT want to give Satan a victory.

The Tyler Police Department released the following photo of Jelena Radovanivic Sriraman (Calvert). The husband has been notified of her death.

                   Jelena Radovanivic Sriraman

Court documents show James Calvert has been in an ongoing custody battle for his kids with Jelena Sriraman since December 2009. The most recent court appearance was on October 26, 2012. The couple married in 2004 and divorced in 2010.

                 Scene of Calvert's listed home

According to public data, James Calvert's home address is listed as 14896 State Highway 31 East. KETK is at this location along with Texas Rangers, the Tyler Police Department and the Smith Sheriff County Sheriff's Office.

Van High School was placed on lockdown this afternoon at around 2:00 p.m. until 4 p.m. Tyler PD spokesman Don Martin tells KETK the suspected vehicle was reportedly spotted in the area. He also says one of Calvert's kids attends Van High School.

Andy Woods Elementary School, located near the shooting scene on Bain Place, was placed on lockdown until 3 p.m.

KETK received the following statement from Tyler ISD:

Tyler ISD Police are working closely the Tyler Police Department to monitor Andy Woods Elementary School because of an incident that was recently reported in the area. At this time, all students are safe and inside the building. Police have reason to believe the suspect has fled the area. Our priority is student safety, and therefor students will remain inside the building until police determine that the area is safe. Students will be dismissed at regular time following rain dismissal procedures.


Tyler Police Department has secured an arrest warrant for Capital Murder on James W. Calvert. The warrant was issued by Judge Jack Skeen. Bond has been set at $2,000,000.00.

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I wrote my words from my inner core as I have endured domestic violence. There isn't any true protection and this I know first hand! I too live in fear each day/night as this could be my legacy! His quote to me, "If you divorce me your picture will be on the front page. I will burn you in a fire in the woods so no one can find you and at least I will know it won't be you who will raise him!" Yes he has standard visitation PLUS but to a controlling man this is not good enough!

It is people who stand behind men such as this that there are women such as her without a life and the children not only without a mother but a father. The PAIN the children will endure will last a lifetime. This was a selfish act in all forms! Maybe walk a mile in HER shoes ... maybe feel HER fear ... maybe feel HER pain ... maybe YOU should have someone beat you down emotionally, physically and spiritually and see if you still chose to write those words. GOD IS THE TRUE JUDGE!

Well, thank God they caught that piece of work and the kid safe. May God be with those three kids as they try to grapple with this and to heal from it.

I have a gut feeling that this guy snapped after years of being denied a visit with his son by way of protection orders. If I am correct then, there is nothing the state can do, no punishment it can give, that will surpass that which has already been endured by this father. It is easy to stand in judgment of people who act irrationally, but the higher intellect seeks to understand why.

very well put, it is a shame that this happened but i also see the pain a father can go through with not seeing his son, i watch it on a daily basis but the father im speaking of wont take it to the extreme that this man did. people need to wake up and realize that playing with child and parents lives isnt a game and men also have rights wether it be monitered or not every child should see both parents. now this man willl have to pay for his crime and needs 2 but the ones who suffer are the kids

Your gut is wrong. He had standard visitation that was set forth by the judge. Men like you is the reason why Jelena is dead.

No, the higher intellect does not murder the mother of his child. If he truly loved his children, even if he felt wronged by a former spouse, then he would not left them motherless. This man did not act irrationally - he acted with planned, murderous intent, he then fled, and he fled from police guns in his lap and his child in the backseat.

No, the higher intellect does not murder the mother of his child. If he truly loved his children, even if he felt wronged by a former spouse, then he would not left them motherless. This man did not act irrationally - he acted with planned, murderous intent, he then fled, and he fled from police guns in his lap and his child in the backseat.

Can you please indicate what is being updated since you are updating often?

Also readers can follow updates on this story on facebook at

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