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Alabama lawmaker to propose legislation backing 'Duck Dynasty' star

Alabama lawmaker to propose legislation backing 'Duck Dynasty' star

POSTED: Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 12:21pm

(CNN) -- The controversial comments about homosexuality made by "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson have come up in conversations across the country in the past two weeks and may make its way to the Alabama state legislature next month.

Republican state Sen. Jerry Fielding told CNN affiliate WBRC he plans to introduce a symbolic resolution in support of the Louisiana family's patriarch.

"Biblically speaking, what Mr. Robertson had to say is completely supported. I just think it's time that the overwhelming majority of people begin to speak up and speak out on these issues," Fielding said.

The senator said the resolution was not meant to portray anti-gay themes, WBRC reported.

"We just don't want people running over people that believe in the Bible and standing up for Jesus and God and doing those things the Scriptures teaches us to do," he said.

A&E suspended Robertson after he told GQ magazine in its January edition that homosexuality is a sin and put it in the same category as bestiality and promiscuity. The network's actions came after gay rights groups, such as the Human Rights Campaign, called on Robertson to step down.

The suspension ignited an uproar among those backing Robertson. An online petition against A&E, for example, surpassed its goal of gathering 250,000 signatures.

Alabama state Rep. Patricia Todd, the only openly gay lawmaker in the Alabama state legislature, agreed Robertson has a right to express his religious beliefs, WBRC reported.

But the Democrat added, "it's not one of the most important things facing Alabama that we need to be taking time to even discuss in the legislature."

A fan of the show, she also said she wasn't surprised at all by his remarks.

"Yes, I've watched "Duck Dynasty." I thought it was quite amusing. I liked it. I still will continue to watch it," she said. "(For) most of us, it was like no big deal. Who cares? Yes, of course he thinks that.".

Todd told WBRC she expects Fielding's resolution to pass the state legislature.

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suz, your one post below sounds really soft, really lame. Could it be that the truth is getting to you?Could it be that your rants aren't quite so believable, after all? You've veered from your usual blah rhetoric to weak critiques of movies? Poor guy...wonder if you took the time to search for ol' phil's motivational speech suggesting men marry 15 or 16 year olds that even you just might find repulsive? Good luck with finding truth in the New will help to listen to other sources.

...just went to "phil robertson speech to Sportsman's Ministry in Georgia, 2009" and watched the video of this dirty old man's words myself...I thank God that this clown's god is not the one I worship! If you want to see for yourself, if you want to see yet another disgusting side of this man, check the site and video out for you won't because ol' phil has become one of your little gods, hasn't he.

I still think all this is just about ratings for the show. Reality shows are a joke in the first place, nothing real about them, all scripted. I don't care how rich you are you don't clean fish and beavers on the kitchen counter and put crayfish in the bathtub. The movies they come out with now are an insult to your intelligence. Funny how we have all these fancy TV's now days, but nothing to watch unless you like cartoons.

Just look at this picture, this the face of someone who exemplifies humble, compassionate, Christian values? Would appreciate someone telling me how the words this clown said to the GQ writer, the horrible words he seems to be getting away with because he's couched it in his radical Christian rabble, is garnering such rock star status? This jerk hasn't a clue what being a REAL Christian is all about...he certainly doesn't believe Pope Frances' words...WHO AM I TO JUDGE?

...and this is what stupid Alabama voters do...they elect stupid Alabama folks to the legislature to propose stupid legislation that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with governing, moving the state forward, helping people...couldn't be any more ridiculous, lame and stupid!! Seems the country has gone completely over the edge for daffy duck, without even commenting on the whole GQ article and the vile, disgusting, un-Christian words this goon actually said.

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