Alcohol petition dispute...resolved

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 5:57pm

The group who does not want alcohol sales in Tyler, wants to see the petitions turned in by the group that does.
They suspect some invalid names have been collected.
Mike Daniels is a local pastor and he heads up Stand Strong for Tyler.
And they don’t want alcohol sales legalized in the city.
But another group, Buy Local First, gathered over 9000 names on petitions to put the issue to a vote in November.
And Daniels wants to see the names.
So they have filed an open records request with the city for copies of the names, but they charged the city was dragging its feet.
So we asked Daniels what he thought was going on.
He suspected someone in the city administration had chosen sides.
Gary Landers is the Tyler City Attorney.
He said their concern was that petitions included on them the addresses of the signers. And the address of a peace officer, the address of a city employee a government employee is confidential.
So he checked with the Attorney General, and with other cities who have had wet/dry elections.
Once he was assured it was common practice, Landers gave the go ahead.
So Daniels group will get the petitions…
The Buy Local First folks responded to the brouhaha with a simple statement.
“Let the voters decide.”
Meanwhile, the process of verifying the signatures goes on.
KETK called a spokesman for Stand Strong, and they were happy the city agreed to turn over the petitions.
We asked if there were plans to make the names public, to in essence embarrass some people…
He said he didn’t think it would come to that.

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