All night studying not the best for final exam outcome


POSTED: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 8:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 12:55pm

It's that time of year when coffee and computers becomes a student’s best friend, because for many East Texas college students, final exams are right around the corner.

Students like Antonio Soegaard, a Junior at the University of Texas at Tyler, adding on the hours for studying and sacrificing sleep, are nothing new. "last semester was bad i went like 2 or 3 days without sleep, it was bad.” Soegaard says.

Dr. R.V. Ghuge from The Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas says, cutting back on sleep to study actually does more harm than good. "The whole idea is to get consolidated sleep," Dr. Ghuge says. Which means, students need at least five to six hours, or two cycles of Rapid Eye Movement, REM, sleep in order for your brain to consolidate your memory bank, and retain all the information you've studied. Ghuge says, "If you read constantly all day and don't sleep at night and keep reading, your less likely to have the consolidated process."

He says, instead of studying for long hours at once, take a break from the books and study in hour intervals. "Take a 20 to 3 minute break, go outside get some fresh air, go outside and get a couple minute of jogging, then come back and sit down and read again,” Ghuge says.

Despite what dr. Ghuge says, students schedules can be demanding and Soegaard says, sometimes losing sleep to make the grade, is just something that has to be done."I'll at least try and get a little sleep before the test, but sometimes it's just not possible.”

Dr. Ghuge also recommends taking it easy on the caffeine while your studying, but having coffee on hand while you’re taking your exam is recommended, Dr. Ghuge says, drinking coffee stimulates your brain, and also keeps you alert during your test.

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