Alternative methods to treat common health conditions

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 5:47pm

Alternative methods are being used in medical care to treat common conditions. Many people try to find ways to improve their lives and cope.

Well your doctor may soon write you a prescription for something else other than medication.

Experts are suggesting people to relax and breathe to fight depression, pain and anxiety.

"When you take time or stop and just breathe and forget about all that stuff you can just calm yourself down," said Melinda Still, Yoga Instructor at Woodcreek Athletic Club in Tyler.

A study shows, more doctors are providing alternatives such as meditation to standard medical care. Scientists with the American Association of Internal Medicine measured the effects of meditation and anti-depressants to treat these conditions, and they find that meditation is just as effective.

Other studies show more research is needed and Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Arisco agrees.

"It's never been studied head to head the way it would need to be to make that definitive statement, I would say I would only use medication in people that I believe would benefit and have been proven to be diagnosed with a disorder," said Dr. Arisco.

Dr. Arisco believes that meditation can help because it gives people a sense of well-being. "I think spiritual methods are of coping help a lot especially when prayer is included," said Dr. Arisco.

Experts tell us, meditation and exercise is a safer and healthful way to cope other than popping a pill.

"We are in a society that's just a quick fix, and it shouldn't be about that anymore, you really need to take time to take care of yourself, and take the time to do a yoga practice, run or walk or do something for you," said Still.

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