Ammunition conspiracies debunked


POSTED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 6:44pm

It’s been a tough few months for gun enthusiasts.
We get over the gun shortage, more or less, and the ammunition you need is still in short supply, and expensive.
And the gun doesn’t do you much good if it’s empty,
And filling it has been tough lately.
And that has led to a lot of sometimes strange conspiracy theories.
So, we offer this story to any economics teacher out there.
If you ever need a lesson on the laws of supply and demand, guns would be a good place to start.
Ever since the subject of gun control hit the national news, panicked shooters have hit the stores.
And the result is long waits for guns and ammunition.
That has led to a lot of conversation among gun owners about causes and solutions.
But the National Rifle Association magazine American Hunter has the breakdown.
Conspiracies first. The government is buying up all the ammo.
Well, according to the NRA, the purchases for all branches of law enforcement are not out of line considering the numbers of agencies and personnel involved.
OK, how about manufacturers keeping production low to inflate prices?
Again, the NRA says, they are working overtime, and production is at an all time high. One manufacturer says, production is 33% higher than last year.
So, the problem, to quote Shakespeare, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
Shooters who used to buy a couple of boxes at a time are buying several out of fear of a shortage. That becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy at that point.
And that also leads to price gouging. And higher sales, and international competition, lead to higher prices for metal like brass and lead.
So, the NRA says until supply equals or surpasses demand, the current situation will continue.
So, if Shakespeare is too high-falutin, let me quote Pogo. We have met the enemy and he is us.

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