Anger over Obama's meeting with Ariz. governor

Anger over Obama's meeting with Ariz. governor

POSTED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 9:31am

UPDATED: Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 4:38am

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's planned meeting Thursday with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer faces a protest from opponents of Arizona's new immigration law.

Opponents say the law, which Brewer signed, is discriminatory and say Obama isn't doing enough on immigration reform.

Brewer is to meet Obama at the White House, and opponents said they will hold a demonstration there to denounce the Republican governor, "the discriminatory Arizona law she signed" and "President Obama's halfhearted leadership on immigration reform."

Supporters of an overhaul of U.S. immigration law have accused Obama of not pushing Congress hard enough to pass immigration legislation. Some have said Arizona's law and tough immigration laws in other states are symptoms of a broken immigration system.

Arizona's new law, scheduled to take effect July 29, will require police enforcing any other law to examine immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion a person is in the country illegally. It also makes being in the country illegally a state crime.

Obama says the law is the wrong approach to illegal immigration and his administration is combing through it and preparing for a possible legal challenge. Brewer has been soliciting donations from the law's supporters to defend it.

In an interview Wednesday, Brewer said she hoped she and Obama could agree on solutions to improve border security.

Brewer said she wants to know how Obama's plan to deploy up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the border with Mexico will affect Arizona and what else he has in mind to tighten border security.

She said she'll make a pitch for her own proposal calling for more troops on the border, deployment of helicopters and surveillance drones and completion of a border fence.

The White House said it would lay out for Brewer the "unprecedented resources" dedicated over the past 16 months to secure the border.

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Carlos, your plagerized 90/10% quasi-motivational Psycho babel is just the kind of paliative socialist sausage the Obamanite Pied Pipers want us to digest. They would have us dwell in the land of 90% Feel Good "ATTITUDE" and ignore or excuse the mayhem of the Obama reality "HAPPENING" their failed policies like immigration to mention one. It's time to get off the feel good drugs and get back to a productive reality life of doing. Americans are 90% "DO" while Mexicans are 90% feel good Siesta.

Aw, now that really puts a smile on my face. All those great, big words. Congratulations BigDarmy! Now. let's get you all set up with spell-check and we're on our way. 'Scuse me, time for my siesta.

Carlos, Hate is sometimes a good thing. Are we not suppose to hate evil doers, liars, prevaricators,and criminals and thieves that break into your home in the night to steal your wealth and freedom and wreak havoc on the public good and public heath care system. Had we not hated this kind of behavior in the 1940's we would all be speaking German, and many of your relatives would be turned into human lampshades. The Most basic human Civil right in American society is your right to behave civily.

Whatever works for you, but your John-Wayne view of the modern world is hopelessly misguided and outdated, hate is not necessary in order to get things done, and really, there never have been any "rights" so quit whining.

Carlos might want to read the stry again. It's the pro-illegals that are protesting, not the right. So who's squealing?

Most are not Pro illegals either but Pro Constitutional rights OF LEGAL CITIZENS. The original Arizona law that was passed opened the door to LEGAL CITIZENS HAVING THEIR RIGHT VIOLATED in an attemot to get rid of the Illegals. That is why the Original Arizona law was changed twice. Are you in favor of VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF LEGAL CITIZENS AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION? Arizona also has a law passed in 2008 that required all businesses to sign up for the E-Verify they do not enforce it

The Constitution also states that immigration shall be uniform. So it's a violation to let them stay. Iseriously doubt these protesters give a rats rearend about any civil right or laws save for the parts that allow them to treat our south border as if it didn't exist. The law does not allow for our rights to be violated. It specifies that law enforcementcan not act with out probable cause and can only do things within the limits of existing federal law.

That is what it says after the Arizona legislature changed it twice but NOT what the ORIGINAL LAW stated. The original law was and did violate the U.S. Constitution.

Ok, in your words, where are your facts. Fact: the Arizona law has more restrictions on law enforcement personnel than the federal law does. Fact: Arizona law required there to be a legal stop (unlike federal law), reasonable suspicion (unlike federal law), and that suspicion cannot be based on race or national origin (unlike the federal law). If you question this law, then why don't you question the federal law which can be enforced solely on the basis of race? Have you read the law?

Yes the current law does exactly what you say it does but the current Arizona law is not what was originaly passed. Read what I wrote in FACT it was changed twice to bring it in line with the U.S. Constitution. If the original was not un-constitutional they would not have made the changes that they did.

Not surprisingly, you missed my point. Squealers are squealers. If you ever manage to see our world through something besides a "liberal vs conservative" viewpoint, you may learn we are more complicated and not all of us fit that silly, simplistic mold.

My view of the world is far, far bigger than you seem to think or would want to give credit for. But since I don't agree with everything you say I must be some dumb, uneducated, misguided dolt. Since I think minorities have the same potetial to learn and succeed as whites, and should be held to the same standards and judged for who they are and not how dark their skin, I must be a bigot. I love learning about other cultures and places, acknowledge their potential, so I must be close-minded.

You contradict yourself by beating the tired old liberal vs conservative rag while talking about your expansive world view. And as for whether you are a dumb, uneducated, misguided dolt, I wouldn't presume to know, but my criteria in making that decision would not hinge upon your agreeing with me on anything.

Conservatism has a short-sighted view of the world, but liberalism seems to have a totally unrealistic one. Capitalism isn't the best solution, but it's better than the others. People have a far greater capacity for charity then government and can do it far less expensive. Who screams loudest about injustice? Those who don't want to obey the laws.

So, what you're saying is the whiners and screamers whose words grace these pages do not want to obey the law? And don't you think it's time to drop the stupid "conservative" and "liberal" tags? No one even knows what they used to mean, and I'll be darned if I can see complex humans so easily cubby-holed. Really, it just gets in the way and it certainly is meaningless.

By the way, the 1200 troops will be in desk jobs. I feel better already. They sure know how to protect America.

There's a wise old saying that goes like this: Ten percent of Life is what happens to us; ninety percent is attitude. You've got some work to do.

Your proof of what you state is where?

From MSNBC: Administration officials said the National Guard troops will work on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support, analysis and training, and support efforts to block drug trafficking. They will be in a support role, doing administrative work.

That does not sound like 1200 troops behind desks now does it? You can not do surveillance and reconnaissance support from behind a desk that is a FACT. Providing support efforts to block drug trafficking can not just be done from behind a desk either.

We Need to send the National Guard to wade into the Mobs of protesters to see how many are acutal U.S. citizens. It's time to kick the unruly guests out of the house.

It's time to send the National Guard to wade into the crowds of protesters to see how many are U.S. Citizens?? It time to throw the unruly guests out of the house!!

Spoken like a non-guardsman.

Doesn't matter what the President does about immigration, the squealers will continue to squeal. They hate him for meeting with the AZ governor, they hate him for not meeting with her. Hate, hate, hate. No way to solve anything.

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