Another Pipe Bomb...This Time in Troup

POSTED: Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 9:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 2:24am

Yet another suspicious device is found in a mailbox…this time in Troup.

That makes 13 in all.

For the first few weeks in this rash of discoveries throughout Smith and Rusk counties, the devices were crude molotov cocktails.
Then it got more serious.

A molotov cocktail after all, can’t burn if there is no one to light it.

But since the incident in Laird Hill two days ago, investigators have been finding what look like pipe bombs.

And today in Troup, another one was found.

“It was about five minutes to one.” Said Gene Cottle, local businessman and head of the Smith county 911 Board. “The fire pager went off and it was indicated that they’d found a pipe bomb at 104 East Duvall, which is the location in front of the Post Office. The Postmaster found it.”
Calls were made and federal authorities arrived.

“Both the FBI and the ATF were both here,” Cottle said, ”probably within 15 minutes of the time the fire department arrived.”

As the day dragged on, traffic was diverted, firefighters and law enforcement stood watch, and we all waited for the ATF bomb squad from Fort Worth.

As the press and civilians were moved farther back, a technician in a bomb-proof suit, like a scene from ”The Hurt Locker”, removed the device from the mailbox, and the examination began.

We won’t know immediately if it was genuine or a hoax, but for a few tense hours today in a small Texas town, it was real enough.

There has been some confusion in other media outlets about the number of bombs.

Only 13 have been found at postal facilities, but the ATF tells KETK
that there have been others, not found on postal property.

But they are not giving out specific numbers.

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This is what has been happening around here lately. Troup was the next victim on some crack-pots list. Last month they caught the two guys who have burned 10 or 12 church to the ground. quess we can't blame them for this as they are both in jail with a multi- million dollar bond on each. Or can we? as this is probably a copy-cat person who enjoys all the excitment. Sure hope they blow themselves up before some innacent person gets harmed.

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