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Anti-alcohol group says Tyler is moving forward too quickly with beer and wine measure

Anti-alcohol group says Tyler is moving forward too quickly with beer and wine measure

POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 8:49am

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 11:21am

They claim the petitions are filled with errors

Anti-Alchol group "Stand Strong for Tyler" is calling for the city to stop the rush to place beer and wine measure on the ballot in November.

The City of Tyler is scheduled to approve the measure in their regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday morning, after receiving the green light on the petitions collected earlier this year.

Stand Strong for Tyler met in front of Tyler City Hall 8:30 am Wednesday, to address their concerns about what they say are discrepancies on the petitions.

The group sent the following release to KETK:

After only 10 days of reviewing the petitions "Stand Strong" has identified serious problems including hundreds of duplicate signatures, the names of deceased individuals as signers and numerous other serious issues that will disqualify many signatures.

Leadership with Stand Strong for Tyler and concerned citizens will hold a press conference to call on City leadership to stop the rush to place the beer and wine initiative on the ballot.

The City did not provide copies of the petitions until last Friday which was 5 days beyond the time frame allowed by the Public Information Law, and has therefore allowed Stand Strong for Tyler only 10 Days to review the petitions before the City Council intends to consider certifying them although there is another City Council meeting on August 8th at which time they could consider the petitions and allow Stand Strong 14 more days to review the petitions which would be prudent since they have already discovered major flaws in the petitions.

This scrutiny is more than prudent considering that the company who gathered the signatures has been accused of petition irregularities and fraud in 5 States.

“Our concerns about the petitions have already been confirmed by the fact that we are not nearly finished analyzing them and have already discovered the signatures of three people who are deceased, hundreds of duplicate signatures and thousands of signatures by non-qualified voters – some who live as far away as Beaumont” stated Dr. Mike Daniels the leader of Stand Strong for Tyler. We encourage the media to attend the Press conference at which time the information Stand Strong has discovered will be discussed more specifically.

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Mike Daniels - please sip a glass of wine as Paul advised Timothy to do. And those at the wedding in Cana of Galilee did, drinking wine created by none less than Jesus Christ Himself. Paul met the Brothers at The Three Taverns at Appius. No concern by Paul or Jesus in these situations. So, Mr. Daniels, you may be asking people to stand strong for a cause that Jesus does not approve of.

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