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Antler art: Getting to the point

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 5:49pm

Across East Texas it's difficult to find a household without a rack of antlers hanging on the wall, but one man has turned those wall ornaments, into crafted pieces of art, and he's made it his business for more than 20 years.

stacks of deer antlers lay intertwined in larges piles on the floor of Jeffrey white's small White Oak workshop, a jumbled mess to a passerby, but to the craftsman, they are the tools of the trade.

"I like the craft, the creating, the starting from bulk materials and different things and then 'Wha-la' there it is," said White, owner of Little Bog Horns.

White has been piecing together lamps, mirrors, and chandeliers from discarded antlers since 1988.

He's never advertised his work, but it's quality has caught the eye of many well known names, such as Ross Perot and Ralph Lauren.

"My wife answered the phone one time and it was Jay Novacek, and at the time he played for the Dallas Cowboys, and she was going 'Jay Novacek is on the phone!'"

But his greatest honor was when he received a call from Fernando Gortazar, a world famous sculptor, and he wanted White's pieces right alongside his in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.

"It took a crowbar and Vaseline to get my head through doors for, you know, a year while I was working on this project," said White.

An accomplishment White says wouldn't be possible, without the many people who have stood by his side, and helped make his dream, becomes its own work of art.

"These people get the credit for, keeping a desire burning in me to create the next piece.  They're going 'Wow', that's what keeps me going," said White.

He says when people drive in from Dallas and Houston, they are taken aback when they see his small East Texas workspace behind his house.

But it adds to the charm of the craft, and he says each one leaves with even more appreciation for what he does, and the new piece of antler art which will be hanging in their home.

If you would like to get in contact with Jeffrey White visit his website:

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