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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm

App helps crack down on sex offenders

Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 9:50pm

In an effort to keep people safe, DPS has created a new, free app. Some East Texans said they will check the sex offender registry more often now that it's easy to check on their phones.

"I'd rather it be on my phone, that way I can access it any time no matter where I'm at," said Brandon Hale.

"It's really great. I'm anxious to get it on my phone," said Dori Stricklin.

You can track sex offenders that live within a three mile radius of your device. One East Texan came across something he found a little disturbing when he typed in his address.

"I recognized some names on there. I've actually met these people in person, and it's scary to know that you just never know who they are..." said Hale.

The app shows you details of the offender like their picture, address and victims.

"[It] helps to make sure you're not in the area they're in, and it kind of makes them more safe and everything," said Garett Sandel.

You can also report suspicious activities through the app. East Texans weighed in on whether they would rather send tips on the app or call in.

"Through the app because you could do it immediately without having to hold on the phone and stuff," said Stricklin.

"I would actually call in for a tip and everything because you can get more detail in a phone call," said Scotty Hamilton.

The app also gives you access to human trafficking reports.

"As far as the information that was given, the information was great. I mean I would love to have that. I have a granddaughter, and it's always nice to know what's around you and how safe you really are," said Melanie Causey.

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