Are we getting dumber?


POSTED: Monday, June 17, 2013 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 8:39pm

Sometimes, there are news stories that make us all wonder…are people just getting dumber?
Now a new study says, it might be true.
Yes, scientists have been looking at the Victorian world and our own and come to one conclusion.
They were smarter than we are.
It was an era of glorious scientific discovery.
From Charles Darwin and the origin of the species to Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Edison and more…the period from the mid-19th to early 20th century saw an expl0sion of genius in science and the arts.
And according to a new study from the University of Amsterdam, the reason is, they were smarter than we are.
In fact, the study says, we have dropped an average of 14 IQ points since then.
The 2006 film Idiocracy sends an average man 500 years in the future to an America that is frankly dumbed down to idiot levels.
And why is this happening you ask?
The study says it’s the fact that the world has gotten easier.
Natural selection used to weed out the weakest, less intelligent and less creative among us.
The easy access of healthy food and a more supportive society has largely softened that sometimes cruel equation.
In other words, everybody thrives.
So, as you leave your air conditioned office, and drive your automatic transmission car to get a el taco delicioso or some other convenience food, just understand the cost.
You might be getting dumber.

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Hillaryguy, do you not even read the posts that you so readily condemn, if you did then you would realize how stupid you sound ranting about something that nobody said anything about. Try reading the posts first before opening your mouth and showing your stupidity. Now read my post and tell me that I am wrong, you can't because it is true. By the way the story does not say anything about little girls and neither does my post. Also the woman in the picture does not look like a little girl to me.

suz, why don't you stand in front of an auditorium full to the rafters with people knowing there are millions more watching on TV from home, nervous and trying so hard to win, and let's see how well you do...oh, I know you could rant and rave for hours on end in front of millions yourself, but these young women are not filled with the all-encompassing hate you possess, just good old fashioned butterflies while trying to make their little girl dreams come true...lighten up, you old goat!

Heck, they voted for Obama TWICE... so yea they are getting dumber than a fence post and the Democrats just love it.

Not surprising considering that high school graduates can not do what 8th graders could do in the sixties & seventy's. People in general can't do anything without a remote control, calculator, GPS, phone, and computer.

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