Are you afraid you're missing out?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 6:02pm

There is a new term being adopted by some mental health professionals, It describes why people get anxiety if they can't get on Facebook, or other forms of social media—“FoMo” or “Fear of missing out.”

Between Facebook, Twitter, email, phones, and the internet it seems we are always connected, KETK asked some East Texan’s how often they are on social media, “daily," was one response, another: "like two or three times a day."

Scrolling through your news feed on Facebook may pass the time, but some mental health professionals now say, people can develop a "Fear of missing out" they are calling is “FoMo" this happens if they aren't connected.

Dr. Joseph Arisco, Psychiatrist in Tyler, says "All of us have our heroes, and all of us have people we hate, and some of us become far too dependent on those imaginary relationships."

Arisco says, people can develop anxiety or depression if they feel like they aren't being "included" in a group, sort of a modern version of separation anxiety. Arisco says, "I think there is an overlapping of addictive phenomenon, that certain people develop dependency." And according to some answers KETK got, people are fearful they may miss out on something in the social world. One woman responds, "Every time I go on there I go oh no I forgot to get someone's birthday." A teenager says, "If people are talking about someone's status and you don't know about it you feel like you're missing out."

Health professionals are still studying the “FoMo” phenomenon, but say at the end of the digital day, sometimes it's best to disconnect.

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